Jerry Jones Didn’t Storm The Cowboys’ Locker Room, Didn’t Participate In Supplemental Draft

Jerry Jones Didn’t Storm the Cowboys’ Locker Room, Didn’t Participate in Supplemental Draft

Maybe Jerry Jones isn’t in midseason form yet, after all. Reports from’s Jen Floyd Engel had the Dallas Cowboys owner storming the team’s locker room at halftime, distraught about the yardage the Cowboys had given up against the Chargers during the first half.Jones denies that is the case, saying he didn’t even go to the locker room at halftime. Jones also says, with Dallas happy at quarterback, that he didn’t even participate in the supplemental draft for Terrelle Pryor.Jerry Jones joined 105.3 The Fan in Dallas with Shan Shariff and RJ Choppy to discuss his preseason thoughts on the team, if he stormed the Cowboys locker room, the incidents in San Francisco, Cowboys Stadium security, his take on the Pryor situation, if the NFL needs to step in and help out college football and the supplemental draft.

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Your thoughts following the preseason game against the Chargers:

“Individually we did have some players that played well for the time they were in. … I was pleased with what we did in the offensive line, for the most part. Really pleased with our younger players … all of our rookies played really well. … Defensively, in the defensive line, we’ve got two young guys that are playing really well there. … Overall, I’m pleased. I would’ve liked to have seen us play without the mistakes, without the turnovers.”

Did you really storm into the locker room as some reports have indicated?:

“No. I didn’t go to the locker room at halftime on Sunday. I was in there after the ballgame, but no, I did not.”

With what happened in San Francisco this weekend, is this a bigger, league-wide problem that is becoming more and more an issue?:

“Well, we should all be sensitive in sports to the common courtesy of, and of course this is beyond courtesies, but we should have good behavior at our ballgames and we should operate our stadiums and operate our teams accordingly. That’s just not acceptable to have any type of violence at a ballgame. … We live in a society today that it’s against the law to give somebody the wrong sign with your hand.”

Does it make you reconsider any type of security aspect?:

“I’m proud to say that since we’ve opened Cowboys Stadium, we’ve really made an extra effort to have a lot of security. Maybe that’s because of the Super Bowl last year and the preparation for that. … We’re proud of our stadium. We know it has arguably the most visibility of any stadium in the United States, so we want to make sure it’s secure, and we do.”

What was your reaction to the Terrelle Pryor situation?:

“I think that I go back to the fact that we’ve just gone through this with our labor negotiation, but we do have a responsibility as to how we influence what happens at the collegiate level. That’s important to the NFL. … So many things that we do right now that we do them because they’re just the rights of an individual in our country. We’d like to see players stay in school four years, at least. They’re better NFL players the more they’ve stayed at the collegiate level. But you have to recognize individual’s rights to make decisions as well.”

Has college football gone so haywire that the NFL needs to step in and assist?:

“I really don’t and won’t go there as far as how the collegiate game is structured and how the NCAA rules, what role is involved there. What I will say is everybody has to use some common sense in regard to the way players are there today.”

Where would Terrelle Pryor have to have fallen to for you guys to take a look at him?:

“I wouldn’t want to speculate on that. We’re just in great shape at his preferred position at quarterback. … We didn’t participate in the supplemental draft at all.”

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