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Jay Cutler On Teammate Brian Urlacher: ‘We were cool before and we’re cool now.’

Jay Cutler On Teammate Brian Urlacher: ‘We were cool before and we’re cool now.’

I’ve said it all spring and summer after the trade for Jay Cutler went through prior to this year’s NFL Draft – the play of Jay Cutler in Chicago and the play of whomever is quarterbacking in Denver will be two of this year’s biggest stories. It’s just impossible to imagine the media not scrutinizing the move of both teams’ quarterbacks after the trade of the young star, Cutler. Well, training camp is finally here and we’re getting ever closer to finding out just which one of the two teams (or both perhaps) comes out ahead as a result of the blockbuster swap. Cutler joined ESPN Radio in Chicago to talk about how camp’s been going so far and to clear the air about the reported feud between him and All Pro linebacker Brian Urlacher.

On the difference between Chicago and Denver as ‘football towns’ as far as he can tell:

“It’s a lot. Denver’s on like a 6 and Chicago’s on like a 9. It’s quite a bit different. Just the fans and how passionate they are I think that’s probably the biggest difference.”

On if everything between him and Brian Urlacher is cool:

“I thought it was cool before all that stuff came out. Brian was the first one to call me and tell me hey I didn’t say any of that stuff. I was like Brian I have no idea what you’re talking about and he explained the situation and what happened and stuff and we’re cool. We were cool before and we’re cool now.”

On how much input Cutler has been able to give to Chicago’s offensive coordinator:

“He’s been great. I think one of the first things he does is go back and watch all the Denver film and just get a feel for my style of play What I like to do. What I do well. And I think it fits in with what Ron ultimately wants to get done. He still wants to run the football. Still wants to pound it at times. But he’ll stretch the field. Throw the ball down the field and take some shots from time to ime. And with the guys that we have I think we’re gonna have some good opportunities to do that.”

On how much more he thinks he can improve as a football player:

“I think Peyton’s still growing. I think Tom Brady’s still growing. You can always evaluate yourself. You’re always watching film seeing what you can correct. Peyton it took him a little while. He’s still waiting for a rookie to step in their and break his rookie interception record. Step one we need to get to the playoffs, we need to make a push and see what happens from there.”

Listen here to Cutler on ESPN Radio Chicago

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