Jay Cutler Doesn’t Expect An Apology From Maurice Jones-Drew, Believes Offensively The Bears Must Pick It Up This Season


Jay Cutler Doesn’t Expect An Apology From Maurice Jones-Drew, Believes Offensively The Bears Must Pick It Up This Season

The old adage is that any press is good press in show business, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Jay Cutler. The Bears quarterback was under heavy scrutiny during the NFC Championship game last year against the Green Bay Packers for allegedly dogging it by sitting out with a knee injury that looked on television to be an apparent “phantom” injury. The twitter handle can be a dangerous tool for professional athletes and that proved to be the case when Maurice Jones-Drew tweeted during the NFC Championship game that Cutler lacked toughness by sitting out of the most important game of his career with an injury that didn’t seem all too bad. If it wasn’t bad enough for Cutler to go down in the biggest game of his career while losing the contest and failing to reach the Super Bowl his personal life didn’t help subside the tough times on the field either. Cutler dumped his fiance, Kristin Cavallari, in late July calling off their engagement.Putting all the off-the-field issues aside number six sounds like he has the right mindset going into this season. Cutler has told Sports Illustrated he will not be doing endorsements until he brings Chicago a Super Bowl. He has also brushed off the cheap shots fired off on him by Maurice Jones-Drew and other athletes on twitter saying he doesn’t need an apology from anyone. This will be a very telling season for the former first round pick out of Vanderbilt. He lost his veteran center, Olin Kreutz, to free agency while his good friend, Greg Olsen, was traded to Carolina. It will be year two under

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Mike Martz’s offense in Chicago as Cutler sounds confident the new acquisition of Roy Williams can help the Bears offense finally pull their own weight for the defense this season.Jay Cutler joined WSCR in Chicago with Mully and Hanley to discuss being blindsided by Maurice Jones-Drew’s comments made on twitter during the NFC Championship game last season, telling Sports Illustrated he will be holding back on endorsements until he leads the Bears to a Super Bowl Trophy, losing Olin Kreutz’s personality on the Bears offensive line, his initial thoughts on adding Roy Williams to the Bears offense, losing a good friend and big target in Greg Olsen to the Carolina Panthers and his message this season being for the Bears offense to carry their own weight.Were you blindsided by the reaction of Maurice Jones-Drew’s comments on twitter during the NFC Championship game where he questioned your toughness?“Yeah, I mean it was like wildfire. Like I said the whole twitter thing as soon as you put something out there it’s an immediate impact. I was a little bit taken back by the whole question of the toughness and stuff, but at the end of the day those guys in the locker-room know what I am about and they have my back. Jones-Drew…I mean I didn’t ask him for an apology and don’t expect one. He can continue playing his career and I’ll continue playing mine.”You told Sports Illustrated you are going to be holding back on doing endorsements until you win a Super Bowl for Chicago? Why did you make that decision?“I think it’s a lot of things. Personally we get paid a lot of money to do what we do. Our time is very important and right now I just don’t have a lot of time with the season and once you get into the season Monday and Tuesday are kind of our days off and we’re still doing stuff. The time element is probably the biggest thing and secondly,

like I said this team wants to win a Super Bowl and until we get to that point I don’t think we’ve actually accomplished what we need to accomplish.”What was Olin Kreutz’s personality like? Was he intimidating to younger players? Was he getting in your way?“Olin like you said is very aggressive. He’ll intimidate you in a heartbeat. A lot of the younger guys probably felt like that. I’d love to have Olin back. He’s an unbelievable player that did a lot for this organization. I think the time and place we are at right now it gives a lot of those younger guys an opportunity to blossom a little bit and kind of take some ownership in their play and that offensive line can really come together.”Do you have any kind of chemistry with Roy Williams? When you see Roy Williams what do you see?“I see a super talented guy. I think you see that right away. A hard worker. I think he really gets this offense. He really knows what is expected. That’s the good thing. He has been with Mike [Martz], so a lot of guys who come in this they are a little intimidated of Mike. He gets up on the board and he is installing and he’s going nine million miles per hour talking about every possibility possible and you walk out of the meeting going what just happened? He gets it. He’s been down that road. He knows what we are doing and he’s had a few bumps in his career. I think now he is at a point where I think he wants to improve himself again as one of those elite receivers and I think that is why he chose here. He has a little bit of a security blanket with Mike and Darryl [Drake] and he knows the offense and it’s not a completely new situation for him, so I am expecting big things from him. I like having him as a big receiver. It’s a guy who is going to be physical and we can kind of throw the ball up to him where he’s going to go get it and he’s got some speed. He’s going to be able to fit in this offense well.

”Is it tough to lose a guy like Greg Olsen who was not only a great target, but your good friend?“It’s a business first. I was talking to him kind of when it happened and at the end of the day I told him it’s best for this football team and it’s best for him personally. Looking at this offense and being realistic about it I don’t think Greg was ever going to be able to do the things he wanted to do in his career if he stayed here and going to Carolina and Rob Chudzinski is there, who was the offensive coordinator in Miami. Just with the way they are going to use him and kind of get into a West Coast system and move him all around. It is going to be good for him. I’m happy for him.”Is the overall message you keep telling the group that the offensive needs to carry their own weight this season?“Yeah, absolutely. If I was the defense I would be so mad at the offense. I wouldn’t even be able to look at us. Looking at the film it was embarrassing. I was watching it with Mike [Martz]. I had no idea how we even won games and it was because of the defense. They were a Super Bowl defense without a doubt. They had everything to go to a Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl. Offensively we have got to pick it up. There’s no other option. We gotta get better. We gotta help those guys out and do our part.

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