Jason Taylor: “i Can Always Hunt It’s Just A Matter Of How Much I Bring Back At The End Of The Day”


Jason Taylor: “I can always hunt it’s just a matter of how much I bring back at the end of the day”

Jason Taylor is 36-years-old, he is a former Defensive Player of the Year, and he is back where his tremendous career started. While his most recent stint with the Dolphins didn’t end well. There were issues between him and then President Bill Parcells, the Big Tuna is gone and Taylor is back in South Beach.But at 36-years-old can he really help provide a pass-rush for the Fins? It’s tough to have high expectations, but Taylor did have five sacks and played in all 16 games for the Jets last year. This move is less about Taylor’s ability at this point and the impact he can have as it is about bringing somebody back to Miami who has a familiarity with the team, the front office, and can be a great mentor to some of the young pass-rushers on the team while at the same time maybe turning into just a pass-rushing specialist in limited action with the ‘Fins.Jason Taylor joined WQAM in Miami to talk about coming back to Miami, how surprised he was to get the call from the Dolphins, who he received the word from, how much he expects to play in Miami, how much he thinks he has left, and whether or not he would’ve signed in Miami if Bill Parcells was still there.

Whether or not he thought he would be back in Miami:

“No I was as shocked as you. I remember talking to you yesterday and you didn’t know what to say. I kinda felt the same way when I got the initial text on Tuesday. I realized well maybe there is an opportunity there. I didn’t expect it. It was the furthest thing from my mind, but I’m glad it worked out.”

If he heard from General Manager John Ireland:

“No I got a text from Tony first on Tuesday and he said I hope all is well I want to talk to you if you’re up to it let’s talk. We talked at length on Tuesday and kinda got the ball rolling. They had some things they needed to work out in free agency that they were trying to get done. We were one of those things and I’m glad it worked out.”

What kind of impact he thinks he can make this year for the Dolphins:

“Yeah. I went to New York last year in a backup role. I came here in ’09 supposed to be in a backup role, then Matt Roth got hurt and was released. I ended up playing a lot more than was anticipated that year. We all have pride, we all want to play and do our best and help the team win, but my most effective spot might be playing a lot less plays. Maybe playing 20 or 25 plays or whatever that number is. I think it can change in a weekly basis on what they want but in New York I ended up playing 50 something percent of the plays. A majority of those were early in the year when Calvin Pace was hurt but to use a baseball analogy I can still pitch. I don’t know if I can throw the complete game anymore.”

How much he thinks he has left in the tank:

“I can always hunt it’s just a matter of how much I bring back at the end of the day. I can still hunt and again it’s about the situation, the scheme, the position you play, and the players that are around you. Even when I had a little bit of success earlier in my career the guys around you make you. I’m telling you. You kinda scratch each other’s backs. That’s how it’s always been.”

If he would’ve come back to Miami is Bill Parcells was still in charge:

“No I wouldn’t be here if Bill was here. I think that’s very simple to see and figure out. For whatever reason I wasn’t liked very much by the guy. It’s fine. It’s kinda water under the bridge and I really moved on from that. It hurt last year. I know you were there last year when we did the presser in the office and I was hurt and disappointed but we moved on as we do in this business and in life. I’m not the first person that was moved on from his job, it happens every single day. Who am I to sit around and complain? You’ve gotta move on in life. This opportunity came back surprisingly but happy it did. Now we have to go out and win some ball games and get this team in the playoffs and have some success down here. I know this city is starving for it and there’s nothing like winning and having success so let’s go get this done.”

On Miami being his home:

“This is home and it’s always great to be home. I know some people are upset about me being a Jet last year but putting that uniform on yesterday was very familiar. Felt good, happy to be here, and we just have to go win some games. Let’s go win some games and get this thing figured out.”

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