Jared Allen Talks About His Phenomenal Ass and Brett Favre


Jared Allen is the type of player you hate unless he’s on your team.  Think Danny Ainge or Bill Laimbeer in hoops.  The Vikings paid a steep price to get him from the Chiefs and in his first season he accumulated 14 1/2 sacks.  With Allen outside, and Kevin and Pat Williams inside, the Vikings havethe best defensive line in football.Off the field, let’s just say Jared Allen is eccentric.  Allen joined 2 Live Stewson Wednesday to discuss the possibility of Brett Favre coming to Minnesota, Tarvaris Jackson, and his assets so to speak. (Update:  Yahoo! Sports is reporting Favre will stay retired.  I won’t believe it until the season starts.)

Do you believe Brett Favre has the balls to make Brad Childress visit him in Mississippi?

“If I’m Brett Favre, I’m not going anywhere.  I’d be sitting on my couch in Mississippi too.”

On Favre:

“As a teammate, it’s Brett Favre and I’m a fan of Brett. I’ve played against him a bunch of times and the dude’s a hell of a player. Whether it’s this year or three years earlier, I would love to have him as a teammate.”

On Tavaris Jackson:

“Lucky for me, I work out in Arizona so I’m not around that and I don’t have to make those decisions. Right now, as far as I know, T-Jack is still our guy and hey, healthy competition breeds a better player. Every year someone is trying to take our job and every year it’s our job to fight and keep it. From the outside looking in, I just saw everything on ESPN like you guys did the other day. As far as the situation is right now, I think that’s kind of what the motivation is, just breed competition and let the best man prevail.”

Do they need to upgrade the quarterback position?

“That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves. We got into the playoffs, I think we have so much talent. Everybody wants a profile quarterback so we’ll see how that plays out but I don’t think we’re missing anything to be honest with you, we’ve got the ability to win games…As far as saying we need one position, I don’t know if that’s true because we’ve been able to win with what we have and win convincingly.”

What’s with always wearing the big hats with t-shirts and tight jeans:

“I grew up on a horse ranch.  My dad trained horses for 30 years.  I like to rock the cowboy hat.  People seem to like it too.  I’m either wearing a baseball hat or a cowboy hat.  You know the tight jeans, you can’t wear boots with baggy jeans plus you got to use the tools in your toolbox and let’s be honest, I’ve got a phenomenal ass!”

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