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J.J. Hickson And The Cavs Are Ready To Start Another Losing Streak


J.J. Hickson And The Cavs Are Ready To Start Another Losing Streak
by Chris Fedor

The streak of NBA futility is finally over. The Cavs went 55 days and 26 games before finally notching a victory, but after their win over the Clippers on Friday night, the streak is finally over. The Cavs wanted it really bad. After crawling into the fetal position and laying down against the Detroit Pistons two nights before they played the Clippers, the Cavs played Friday night’s game like it was game seven of the NBA Finals in front of a raucous crowd. It helped that J.J. Hickson played the game of his life. Hickson, playing against Blake Griffin, scored 27 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, hustled his tail off, and played some great defense down the stretch. It was Hickson’s block on Baron Davis (which could’ve been goaltending) that sent the game into overtime and led to the Cavs snapping the longest losing streak in NBA history.

J.J. Hickson joined Into the Night with Tony Bruno to talk about finally winning a game this season after a 226 game losing streak, when he knew the Cavs had the game won, whether or not he thinks his block on Baron Davis should’ve been goaltending, how confident they were heading into overtime, and how they have persevered this season

When he knew the Cavs won the game:

“I think after ‘Tawn (Antawn Jamison) hit that big three on the out of bounds play. I don’t know what happened, but I set a little quick screen, he got to the three point line, knocked it down, and that was kind of the nail in the coffin so to speak.”

Whether or not he thinks his block on Baron Davis was goaltending:

“I’ve seen the replay during the game. I don’t think it was goaltending. I think I got it right before it got to the glass and right at its highest point.”

How confident the team was heading into overtime:

“The last game we had in overtime we won so I wasn’t worried at all. I know what type of group of guys we have so at the end of regulation and going into overtime the first thing that coach said was let’s start overtime with a stop.”

How tough it was to deal with the losing streak:

“It was really tough, but we have a young group and we stayed positive. We know how hard we’ve practiced, we just follow coach, and he just kept telling us if we played hard and got after it that we will overcome sooner or later. Our hard work has finally paid off.”

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