Is Starting Kevin Kolb Against the Jaguars the Right Decision?

Is Starting Kevin Kolb Against the Jaguars the Right Decision?

After struggling all preseason and struggling against Green Bay in the first half of week one, Kevin Kolb was knocked out of the game by the Packers with a concussion. That opened the door for Michael Vick to get another shot in the NFL. Not only has Vick kicked that door wide open, he has given the Eagles a lot to think about. After coming in for the injured Kolb in Green Bay last week and nearly leading the Eagles to a come-from-behind win, Vick got the start yesterday against the Lions and was scintillating.Now, it was the Lions and they also gave up nearly 400 yards passing to Jay Cutler in week one, so it’s not all that surprising they got torched through the air. However, I can’t take anything away from Vick. He has played very well in one and a half games and has shown that he will be a QB somewhere in the future. Should it be in Philadelphia? I don’t think so.

Kevin Kolb was given the starting job when the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to Washington and while he hasn’t been overly impressive, it’s only one half of football. Kolb is a young quarterback and when a franchise makes the kind of investment the Eagles have made in Kevin Kolb, patience is needed.Brent Celek joined WIP in Philly with Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano to talk about how Michael Vick played yesterday, what Vick brings to the offense, what it meant to have his playmaking ability on the field yesterday, what he thinks about Andy Reid’s comments about Kevin Kolb after the game, and whether or not he understands the fans perspective with how well Vick has played.

On how Michael Vick played:

“I think he played well in all facets. Dropping back and throwing the ball he did a great job. When he had to scramble he was getting first downs and then just calling the plays and running them, he did a good job and was very effective.”

On his ability to make plays with his legs:

“I think one of the best things he did in that game too was when he was scrambling, he couldn’t run, and he tossed it over to D-Jack (DeSean Jackson). We got 15 or 20 yards on that play and he keeps his eyes down field. If guys are open when he’s running, he’s gonna throw it.”

On Andy Reid’s comments about Kevin Kolb remaining the starter:

“He doesn’t say that stuff in the locker room. I think what he tells the media is what it is and we’re going with it. When Kev’s healthy he’s gonna be back out there. It’s not something that we sit there and talk about.”

On whether or not he understands the fans perspective when it comes to the QB’s:

“I totally understand that because Mike is playing great football. And everyone wonders, if it’s working, why fix it? But Kevin was the starting quarterback and he’s a great quarterback too. I think we have a good problem having two great quarterbacks on our team. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

Listen to Brent Celek on WIP in Philadelphia here

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