Indiana Pacers And Mike Dunleavy Score 54 Points And Shoot 20-21 From The Field In Third Quarter Against Denver Nuggets


Indiana Pacers and Mike Dunleavy Score 54 Points and Shoot 20-21 From the Field in Third Quarter Against Denver Nuggets

Who would’ve thought that the Indiana Pacers would have scored the most points of the season through the first couple of weeks? That’s exactly what happened last night. In a masterful performance, the Pacers dropped 144 points on the Denver Nuggets. As impressive as that was, it was even more impressive when you consider that Indiana scored 54 points in the third quarter alone, made 20 straight shots to open the quarter, and finish 20 of 21 from the field in the third quarter alone. Just by sheer luck you would think that the Nuggets would’ve prevented them from missing at least one of those first 20 shots, but that was not the case. One of the biggest contributors to that 30 point win was Mike Dunleavy, who led all scorers with 31 points on 9-13 from the field.Mike Dunleavy joined Into the Night with Tony Bruno to talk about when they knew they could have a chance to score 144 points, how they were able to play so well in the third quarter and score 54 points, getting contributions from everybody last night, and where they can go moving forward after a performance like last night.

On when they knew they were going to be able to score that many points:

“Oh I guess not until the end of the third quarter. I came out of the game and somebody mentioned that we were 20 of 21 shooting from the field in the third. That was pretty impressive.”

On how they were able to play so well in the third quarter:

“We were moving the ball well, sharing it, and finding the open guy and knocking down some shots. But we were fortunate. We caught them on the fifth game of four nights of playing. The combination of those two things kinda came together in the third and we had a big quarter.”

On getting contributions from everybody:

“Yeah it seemed like everybody played well. Like I said before we were really sharing the ball and everybody was contributing. It was just a nice feel good win for our team and hopefully we can keep playing that way and build on it.”

On where they can go moving forward after a great performance:

“It doesn’t happen very often so we can’t expect it every night. I just think from our team standpoint the first five or six games this season we haven’t played well offensively and we haven’t made shots. Tonight we did and hopefully that will get us going and get us jump-started and we can get it going from here.”

On the goal of the team this season:

“Our goal is to win more games than we lose. If we can do that that will put us in a good chance to be in the playoffs and have a chance to win in the playoffs. That’s our focus. Each and every day we come in and practice and play games. If we can win more than we lose we will be in a good position.”

Listen to Mike Dunleavy on Into the Night with Tony Bruon right here

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