How To Improve Your Golf Swing


You’ve worked on your golf posture, position and grip and now it’s time to perfect the swing itself.
Some tips for your golf swing.Keep your hands in front of your upper body throughout the golf swing . Position a club across your shoulders and criss-cross your hands to the opposite shoulder to hold the club, then turn the shoulders at a 90 degree angle away from the target line. Next turn the shoulders back to the target line with the trail shoulder turned down towards the ball. Finally, turn forward at a 90 degree angle to the target line with the trail shoulder finishing closest to the target. This will demonstrate to you on the correct motion of the body during the golf swing .To achieve proper movement of the arms and golf club you can use the following motion . When the shoulders turn away from the target line, the trial arm should simultaneously fold in a vertical position and the lead arm must be extended.

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The hands must remain in front of your chest at the top of the backswing . As your shoulders return to the ball at a zero degree angle, the wrist and trail arm will straighten naturally . As the shoulders turn through to the finish at a 90 degree position, the lead wrist and arm should pivot over the lead shoulder while at the same time maintaining extension in the arm.Bunker shots The objective of the bunker shot is to hit the sand underneath the ball and allow the sand to carry the ball out of the trap. Being successful out of the sand depends on proper technique, correct setup, and consistent point of entry into the sand.If you have a correct setup the weight will be evenly distributed over your body. The space between the feet and the face of the club should be slightly open; this allows the back portion on the bottom part of the club to bounce off the sand.Keep in mind that in a bunker the club cannot touch the sand, other than during the actual stroke. If you touch the sand with the club, you incur a two stroke penalty for grounding the club in the hazard. The more loft you add to the clubface the higher and shorter the ball will carry. If you don’t have to make a shot go very far then choosing a golf club with a higher angle makes sense. If you need some distance to get to the green use a club that has a smaller angle.For additional help look at the “ADVICE” section of online retailers of golf clubs, discount golf clubs and clone golf clubs.

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