Horace Grant On Scottie Pippen’s Comments Regarding LBJ And MJ “You’re Entitled To Your Opinions, But He’s Wrong On This One.”

Are we ever going to cease comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan? LeBron James is a lightening rod for controversy in the NBA as his decision to take his talents to South Beach has caused such a stir that the Miami Heat are the certified team to hate throughout professional basketball. We can be jealous of this immensely talented basketball team loaded with All-Star talent, but Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James made a smart decision in teaming up to try to win a championship. Miami is now four wins away from the ultimate goal. Are the Heat going to be frowned upon for potentially winning an NBA title by teaming up in free agency? Sure they will be. Fans throughout the NBA have venom out for the fact that three All-Stars of this caliber didn’t have the courage to do it on their own [minus Dwyane Wade], but the comparisons of LeBron James to Michael Jordan are just ridiculous at this point.

Last week Scottie Pippen told ESPN Radio that he felt LeBron James was a better player than Michael Jordan due to the fact that he gets more players involved and defenses need to be held more accountable for not only James, but his surrounding cast. These words seem to be shocking coming from the man who was a fantastic player, but still the sidekick to Michael Jordan. Pippen obviously could stand on his own, but always seemed to want more credit. Horace Grant played alongside both Pippen and Jordan during his career as a member of the Chicago Bulls from 1989 to 1994 and gave his thoughts on Pippen’s comments to ESPN Radio.

Horace Grant joined ESPN Radio Chicago with Waddle and Silvyto discuss the Chicago Bulls losing to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, asking too much of Derrick Rose to beat the Miami Heat by himself, Scottie Pippen’s comments regarding LeBron James potentially being better than Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen holding a grudge against Michael Jordan and what he would say to Scottie Pippen right now if he saw him.

A lot of debate about whether or not the Bulls are going to learn from this loss. Did they blow it to the point where yesterday could be more of a stumbling block or do you believe the Bulls will take that like you guys did in the late 1980s and make them better?

“My personal opinion, this loss and the way it happened will make this a better ball club and I say that because of the experience we had getting through the Pistons so to speak. Because you know after every beating we got from them we learned from it until we were able to mature as a team, to get over that hump meaning the Detroit Pistons. Those guys play extremely hard throughout the series. They just made some mental errors that cost them the series, the ball games.”

Is it just asking too,I know Derrick Rose is the MVP of the season but is it asking too much of a 22 year old kid in his 3rd season without a ton of help around him to beat that Heat team?

“Listen if you go to ask you know when Michael [Jordan] was playing in his prime in his 3rd year to go into a series with the Boston Celtics to beat a young Larry Bird and Kevin McHale and a young Robert Parish that’s too much. You know games, the championships, are won with a team and not just one guy.”

Did Scottie Pippen’s interview comments on “Mike & Mike In The Morning” regarding LeBron James shock you?

“WOW! Pip is my man and you know we will always be close, but I totally disagree.  LeBron is gonna be one of the top players to ever play the game but Michael Jeffrey Jordan, who we bump heads at times is I think in my era the best basketball player to ever play the game.”

Is Scottie mad at Michael [Jordan] about something? Is he holding a grudge, Horace?

“(Laughing) I hope not, I don’t think so, but you know to say that somebody, I mean listen, I’m  mean I’m kinda at a loss of words cause Michael Jordan I mean when you win numerous MVPs and you’ve taken the team to six championships and probably could have been eight if he didn’t retire those two years. You know MVP’s and the playoffs and the championships I mean man he made us better, he made believe me, he, myself, Scottie, BJ, even Bill Cartwright who I still love, he made us better players. He gave us that confidence, but first we had to earn his trust and once we earned his trust man you know you saw championship after championship and as far as talent wise, that’s no man. Who do you want to take that last shot when three seconds are left in the game? Who do you want the ball in their hands the last 3 seconds? He proved that he can score the last few seconds of a ball game or if he gets double teamed that Steve Kerr or John Paxson are right there so you know I love Scottie, but I totally disagree.”

He’s taken a beating by Bulls fans as you can imagine Horace. You’ve heard it before too so you know what it’s like. If Scotties listening right now what would you say to him?

“You know this is a great country we live in. You’re entitled to your opinions but your uhh uhh…[Waddle: YOURE WRONG!] Yeah, yeah he’s wrong on this one.”

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