Hines Ward

Hines Ward
February 4, 2009 – 9:18 am by Michael Bean
Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward was the MVP of Super Bowl XL a few years ago. In Super Bowl XLIII, Ward was limited a bit by a sprained knee. He was only able to catch 2 passes for 43 yards, but he served as a valuable decoy for TE Heath Miller and his running mate on the opposite side of the field Santonio Holmes. Holmes is a lucky, lucky dude to have had Hines as a mentor early in his career. There’s no short cuts in anything Hines does on the practice or game field. Santonio has yet to establish the same level of consistency in his game that has defined so much of Ward’s Hall of Fame worthy career, but he’s definitely got the ability and the work ethic, all of which Ward commented on in a Tuesday interview with Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio. First though, Ward talks about the differences between the two Super Bowl wins.
‘The second one you got a chance to really appreciate everything, just being in the Super Bowl, where the first one is really overwhelming. When we won, we didn’t know what to do, where to go. It was kind of a little madhouse. After we won the second one, everyone ran up in the stands, got their family and ran down. Everybody was just elated. It was just wild because I don’t know any work environment where you can go from your all time worst to your all time high probably in three minutes. It was just so crazy to be a part of that game.’
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