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He’s More Than Just A Little Man Dunker

Is he ducking LeBron next year in the Dunk Contest?

Nate Robinson has become a bit of a sideshow in the NBA for some of his histrionics in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.  First there was the 13 dunk attempts before he slammed one home and robbed Andre Iguodala of the Dunk Title.  Then there was this year when he came out in kryptonite green and dunked over Dwight Howard. I’m all for a little bit of entertainment, but this year’s whole dunk contest seem contrived. If I want that, I can just watch the WWE (which sadly for my wife, I still watch on occasion). The sad part about all this is that Nate Robinson has become a hell of an NBA player.  He’s fifth in the whole NBA in scoring since the All-Star break.  He’s perfect for Mike D’Antoni’s system and his shooting percentage, boards, assists, steals, and points are all career highs.  D’Antoni has turned him into instant offense and really toned down Robinson’s wildness on the court. Nate Robinson joined Michael Kay on ESPN Radio New York on Friday and talked everything from dunks to Will Ferrell.

On why he’s playing so much better this year:

“I’m just having fun man and that’s what you need to do.  Guys need to find that love for the game instead of just making it all business.  When you fun that love, that inner child man, the sky’s the limit.”

On playing in front of Will Ferrell

“I just wanted to play extremely well for Will Ferrell, you know he’s a great guy, a stand up guy.  You know we live and die by that “shake and bake”.

On him and David Lee being free agents after the year:

“I don’t think about it all, honestly.  I would love to be in New York, love to stay here my whole career.  I know David as well, he’d probably say the same thing so I can speak for the both of us.  For the most part, me and D Lee we’re just worried about basketball, trying to getting to the playoffs. That’s more important than a contract right now.”

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