Green Bay Packers’ Jordy Nelson On New Critics Of Aaron Rodgers: “It’s A Joke”

Matt Flynn created some storylines on Sunday and now his play seems to be creating even more of them in the aftermath. The Green Bay Packers’ backup quarterback got the start as the reigning champs gave Aaron Rodgers the day off because they’d already clinched homefield advantage in the playoffs. All Flynn did was go out and throw for nearly 500 yards and six touchdowns in a victory over the Detroit Lions But, since some folks are always begging for some controversy, some have since proposed that because Flynn had so much success, that Rodgers might be a system quarterback. One of his top targets, wide receiver Jordy Nelson, sums up what I feel is a pretty appropriate response to such thoughts, calling the whole thing a joke.

Jordy Nelson joined WSSP in Milwaukee with Bill Michaels to discuss Matt Flynn’s play, the backup perhaps playing for a potential starting job somewhere else, what he’s learned about himself in recent weeks, criticism he had previously taken, the argument that Rodgers is a system quarterback and the team’s mentality entering the playoffs.

Were you surprised by the play of Matt Flynn against the Lions?:

“I think we were surprised he was able to put up 480 yards and six touchdowns. I think we would’ve been surprised if [Aaron Rodgers] would’ve went out and done that or anyone in the NFL did that. That’s just an incredible game. But, we knew he was going to come out and play well. He went above and beyond that. … He’s a gamer and we knew he was going to play well for us.”

Did anyone say to him, ‘This is your show,’ that he could go out and audition for a starting gig somewhere?:

“I think people knew it. We know the situation, especially myself, because we came in together. We knew going into this year we’d be in the same situation. He wants to go out and start. That’s what everyone plays this game for. You want to play. If that’s leaving here and going somewhere else to play, I’m sure he’s going to have that opportunity to do so. … You have to go and make the most of your opportunities and he definitely did that.”

What have you learned about yourself since Greg Jennings went down?:

“Nothing, really. I think I just continue to work and execute and play well and help this team win games. It was unfortunate Greg went down, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be back for the playoff run. We have that mentality on the team that, next man up, so you’ve just got to keep doing your thing. I didn’t change anything that I was doing.”

Had you heard any of the criticism that the Packers were in trouble because you couldn’t be effective without Jennings out there as well?:

“I didn’t pay attention to it. As a whole, we didn’t perform well [against Kansas City] and individually I didn’t perform well. Unfortunately, that was our only loss of the year, but we bounced back the last two weeks.”

What about people perhaps saying Aaron Rodgers is a system quarterback because if Flynn can do it, anyone can do it?:

“That’s a joke. I think that’s very disrespectful for people to say that about Aaron. The year he’s had, the past couple years he’s had, have been incredible. I think that’s very disrespectful for a guy who’s put a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of work into his game. To have a great year, as he’s had … and now all of the sudden he’s a system quarterback. I don’t agree with any of that.”

What’s the mindset of this team entering the playoffs considering last year you guys were the injury-riddled underdogs and now you’re the healthy favorites?:

“It’s the same; we want to go out and win games. It’s going to be different this year. We get to play at home and do get the off week … but we’re definitely going to have to earn everything again. Nothing’s going to be handed to us. I think this will be a very tough NFC playoff.”

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