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Glenn Dorsey: I Came to San Francisco Because They Have Something Special Here and a Chance to Win a Super Bowl


The San Francisco 49ers just keep building and building. Free agent Glenn Dorsey signed a two-year contract with the Super Bowl finalist a few weeks ago and is ready to contribute to a winning team. The former Kansas City defensive lineman didn’t need to be sold on San Francisco once he got off the plane, and he joins Anquan Boldin as another solid addition to the team. Dorsey looks to bring great versatility to the 49ers’ defensive front. Glenn Dorsey joined 95.7 The Game in San Francisco with Bucher and Towny to discuss the San Francisco 49ers being a good fit for him, playing alongside Justin Smith, joining an organization with a chance to win a Super Bowl, being sold on signing with the 49ers and his role in the 49ers’ defense.

Why were the 49ers such a good fit for you?

“I think everybody can see that the 49ers have a good situation going on and they had some guys leave. Just watching them on film, I think I can help contribute. I’m excited about the opportunity.”

How do you see playing alongside Justin Smith?

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to the opportunity. You watch them on film and they got a lot of great players here. Guys who been around awhile and know how to do things and just the mindset everybody has when I got here. People are working. I am just excited and whatever they ask me to do I’ll do it to the best of my availability.”

Talk about a team that has a chance to win the Super Bowl?

“Right, it’s a big chance. I am not taking anything away from Kansas City. That’s a great organization over there, too. A lot of respect for those guys. They gave me an opportunity, but like you said, the 49ers just came from a Super Bowl and there’s a lot going on — a lot of positive stuff and action going on here. I’m just thankful and glad I have the opportunity to help contribute and I am ready to get in there and start working.”

What were the options you had and what sold you on the 49ers?

“I had a few teams, but to be honest with you man, it’s the 49ers. They just come from the Super Bowl. They have a winning formula. Even getting here and just getting off the plane and coming to the facility and just saying hi to guys who are interacting with each other, with the players and the personnel and the coaches. Man it’s something special. It’s something special here. I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Have the 49ers told you how they are using you?

“No, I’m coming into it trying to play whatever they want me to play. Whatever I can do to help this team, and the team’s had success in the past, so whatever I can do to add to that and keep helping I am going to do. I don’t have no set spot. I just want to come in and compete and whatever they see fit, let’s go.”

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