Frustrated Sidney Crosby Says 60-Game Season “Would Be Pretty Fair”

Frustrated Sidney Crosby Says 60-Game Season “Would Be Pretty Fair”

The NHL lockout continues, with November and the Winter Classic both wiped out. The two parties have been engaged in plenty of talks lately, which is a good sign, but there isn’t a lot of room left for snags. They have to get this thing going soon, otherwise Sidney Crosby and many others will wonder if the length of an abbreviated season will be enough to provide an even playing field.Sidney Crosby joined The X Morning Show on WXDX in Pittsburgh to discuss how many games he thinks the NHL needs to play for a legitimate and fair season and to share his frustration with the lockout in general.

On how many games he thinks they need to have a legitimate regular season:

“I don’t really have a number. I just think as many as they can get. That’s what I would hope would be everyone’s goal. I don’t want to put a number on it — the closer we can get to a full one, the better for everybody.”

On what he thinks would be enough for everyone to get a fair shake:

“Right off the top of my head, I gotta think 60. … I’m sure less than that could be played but I think 60 would be pretty fair. There are teams that struggle and that gives you a chance to go through a tough point in the season and still have time to kinda gather yourself. So that’s a length that I’m sure everyone could live with, but I’m sure that we’d all be much happier playing much more than that.”

On the league playing a 48-game schedule after a work stoppage in 1994:

“There’s at least that. Maybe they could think about that, but I really don’t know. I think 60 is a fair amount but I don’t even want to talk about that because if they’ve canceled 12 for everyone then that still leaves us at 70.”

On his and his peers’ frustrations:

“I think, as players, we’re asking the same question: Why couldn’t the league meet for three weeks when we all know that the same issue was there for those three weeks. That’s negotiations, and none of us like it. It doesn’t always seem like there’s a great explanation all the time and that’s what’s frustrating, I think, for everybody.”
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