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Explains Why His First Name Starts With a ‘K’ Talks Car of Tomorrow”>Kasey Kahne Explains Why His First Name Starts With a ‘K’ Talks Car of Tomorrow

Explains Why His First Name Starts With a ‘K’ Talks Car of Tomorrow”>Kasey Kahne

Kasey Kahne makes a lot of left turns for a living. It’s a pretty cool job because, you know, he gets to drive really fast. But apparently, according to a recent interview, he doesn’t love the fact that he gets paid millions to work all year long.Okay, he didn’t say that, but still: no professional athlete should complain about the length of their season. They do know most of us only get two weeks off a year, right? Also, Car of Tomorrow: Kahne has the word on whether it needs tweaking or whether it works.

On the Car of Tomorrow – getting better, or do they tinker with it weekly:

“You tweak with it from week to week, it’s a really tough car to get right.  But when it’s right, to me, it drives really good.  But it’s difficult to get it right where you want it.  We’ve hit on it a few times and won when we have, so we’ve just got to hit on it a little more often.”

On the length of the season:

“I think we have three weekends off throughout the year and December and January, the two months that we have off, are two of the busiest months we have with commitments and getting things ready with the sponsors and the cars and testing and just wanting to be prepared when we get to Daytona, so it’s pretty much a full, year-round deal.  When I get a chance to go on vacation it’s definitely really nice, I think everybody enjoys vacations.”

On the racetrack at Darlington:

“You’re either backwards or you’re in the wall.  It’s just a simple track to screw up on, it’s really technical and you’re riding on edge all the time of either rubbing the wall, just on edge of spinning out, or whatever it may be.  To me, that’s one of the toughest tracks we go to and at the same time one of the most exciting and fun as a driver because you have to be on edge for 500 straight miles and be focused.”

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