Everth Cabrera On Being Linked To Peds: “i’m Very Sorry About This Situation For The San Diego Organization.”

Everth Cabrera on Being Linked To PEDs: “I’m Very Sorry About this Situation for the San Diego Organization.”

There are five new names linked to the Biogenesis clinic in Miami, which is more news Major League Baseball didn’t want to hear.Everth Cabrera is on the list. Other names included Jordan Norberto, Fernando Martinez, Fautino De Los Santos, and Cesar Puello. Cabrera, the Padres shortstop, reacts to the news of his name being linked to PEDs.Everth Cabrera joined The Mighty 1090 in San Diego to discuss his name being linked to PED use, taking banned substances, being surprised that his name came up, not being worried, his confidence not being affected after his name was linked to PEDs and being disappointed that his name was linked to PED use.

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What can you say and what will you say about your name being linked to a PED clinic in Florida?

“All I can say is I am going to play for minor league baseball right now and I can’t say anything about that.”

You can’t comment on whether or not you’ve taken banned substances?

“No, I can’t say anything right now.”

Are you surprised that your name came up?

“A little bit.”

Are you worried?

“No. No.”

Are you confident that this news won’t affect your play on the field?

“I am very confident that I am in spring training. He’s a professional. He’s confident.”

Is it disappointing to have your name brought up in all of this? Is it fair?

“A little bit, just can’t say anything about it. I’m sorry about this situation for the San Diego organization. I am very sorry.”

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