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Even Chad Ochocinco Thinks Brandon Lloyd Deserves Praise for His Breakout Season

Even Chad Ochocinco Thinks Brandon Lloyd Deserves Praise for His Breakout Season

After being cast off by the 49ers, the Bears, and the Redskins, Brandon Lloyd found a home in Denver this season. Not only has Lloyd wowed people in Denver, but he’s captured the attention of everyone in the NFL. With one game left, Lloyd leads the NFL in receiving yards with 1,375, is third in the NFL in yards per catch with 19.1, is tied for fifth in the NFL with 10 touchdown catches, and leads the world in acrobatic catches this season.Josh McDaniels gave Lloyd new life in Denver and he has made the most of the opportunity. Not only has Lloyd wowed people in Denver, but he’s captured the attention of everyone in the NFL.

While Lloyd was sitting in on a radio show in Denver, Chad Ochocinco called in just to praise the play of Lloyd this season. People in Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco probably believe that Lloyd’s season is a fluke and he will come back down to earth next year, but they certainly can’t argue that Brandon Lloyd has been one of the best receivers in the league this season.Brandon Lloyd joined 104.3 the Fan in Denver to talk about whether or not Tim Tebow’s attitude is infectious, what he thinks about Josh McDaniels being fired this season, whether or not he thinks McDaniels could have saved his job by playing Tebow, and why McDaniels stayed with Kyle Orton this season.

On what Tim Tebow said to the team at halftime to get them to rally around him in the game against Houston:

“It’s not Tebow’s place to say anything to the team because he’s still a rookie. He’s a rookie, we are the veterans on the team, and our veterans speak. Brian Dawkins speaks, Champ (Bailey) says words occasionally, (Chris) Kuper, (Ryan) Clady, we have veterans that speak and what I find funny about the whole Tebow thing is how well his passion has translated to the fans. We feel it as the players, but at the same time, he’s just another player to us. He’s not how the public views him and not how you guys view him as being the instant leader. The second part of it is how many times have we seen the greatest college football player ever play? That’s where I am. There’s no animosity towards his popularity. I respect it because he accomplished all that stuff he accomplished on his own. Obviously with his team, but he accomplished that stuff. It’s not his place, but at the same time we respect him and we play hard because we know his passion and what he’s willing to do for the team. At the same time he listens to Brian Dawkins just like the rest of us.”

On what he thinks of Josh McDaniels getting fired:

“Obviously I have more feelings attached to Coach McDaniels than most of the people in Denver because after my season in Chicago he was the only coach to call me and ask me to work out. (Host: Why is that?) You know sometimes when you get a label it stays with you and you can’t change it. Coach McDaniels did my college workout and my Pro Day and wanted to pick me up in New England and things just didn’t work out. He was kinda following my career and felt that I would be a good fit and I was the kind of player that he wanted on the field and off the field. I think it’s unfortunate that he’s gone, I think he’s a hell of a coach, I think he’s going to be great once he gets back into the game, and I love Coach McDaniels to death because he gave me my opportunity to have this football season.”

On whether or not he thinks McDaniels would still be around if he would have played Tebow:

“I think so because that was the pick that everybody was betting the house on and if that would have materialized early in a productive offensive manner where we could throw, we could run, he could throw, he could run, and then maybe if we didn’t win but we were close in games and hovering around .500 or something, I think he still woulda been here.”

Chad Ochocinco on Lloyd’s big season:

“He’s good. When you can play at a level that B-Lloyd is playing at man, he’s a complete receiver. He’s doing everything complete. Running, blocking, and it’s also the other ten people that go into it as well, but man he’s been in the zone. He’s been in the zone from week one until now. He’s been doing some unbeliveable stuff, some unbelievable stuff. It’s really no one thing you can put onto it as to why someone is doing so well, it’s something within. It’s good and each year it’s always someone different. That’s why this game is so good.”

Listen to Brandon Lloyd on 104.3 the Fan in Denver

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