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Erin Andrews has become a cultural phenomena.  If you type in her name on Google, there are 688,000 results for her.  That’s insane.  She’s a sideline reporter!  The most pointless job in all of broadcasting.  One out of every one hundred sideline interviews is either interesting or informative. The rest give us nothing of value.  CBS even dropped sideline reporters for their NFL broadcasts until the playoffs.

Erin Andrews is a pretty girl with a great body.  She seems very likable, but the fascination with her is ridiculous to me.  If you met her at a bar and had any game, she wouldn’t be the type of girl you’d be intimidated by.  If she hosted a reality show outside of sports, you’d think she was just another pretty reality show host.  But because she’s one of the few attractive female broadcasters around sweaty gross men, her persona has taken on a life of its own.  If you really want to see an insanely hot female reporter, check out Ines Sainz (pics below) of TV Atzeca.

Erin Andrews was in Milwaukee earlier in the week for the UConn-Marquette game and joined Homer on ESPN Radio 540 in Milwaukee.

On how she balances dynamic of what she has become and her job as a reporter:

“All the stuff on the internet and how the kids react when you walk into the arenas and stuff, it’s great and I really appreciate it.  Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.  The reason why I get all of it is because of my job so I never lose sight of it.”

On if she knows what’s being written about her on the internet:

“It’s kind of difficult to not.  If anything lately it’s kind of been like I have people that do that for me obviously just to look out for me and make sure everything is ok. 

” There’s been situations where stuff that’s been false has been written. We’ve kinda had to take action on our own.  Whether it’s my agents or lawyers or stuff.  It’s kind of hard to stay away from it.  I’m not as obsessive I think about it as as I was about it when I first started. It’s amazing that people can write the stuff that they write and not be held accountable for it.  Can you imagine if you and I went on air or on the radio and said some of the stuff that these people get away with.  We’d be fired.  It’s unbelievable.”

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