Eric Maynor Thinks He’s Matured And Ready

Eric Maynor spent all four years at VCU perfecting the craft – he definitely could have come out after his junior season but decided to add a little gloss to the finish.  He enters the upcoming draft projected to go around the 20-spot.  I really don’t know a ton about him, saw him once this season and he didn’t stand out.  Looked a little slow I thought.  And, you know what my opinion means?  Absolutely zero!  Although, I do like that he stayed in school for a couple reasons: 1. He’s a point guard.  Point guards need to learn as much as they can before the show.  2. According to the scouting reports, he’s not a guy that will beat an opponent with quickness, he’ll need to get crafty and wise.  Again, learn and maturing is a plus.  Hold on.  He only weighs 164 lbs?  That’s not gonna work.  Time to go on the Chauncey Billups diet / workout plan.  Maynor joined WSSP in Milwaukeeto discuss why he stayed in school, who he models his game after, and what kind of offense he’d like to run.

On why he stayed all 4 years at VCU:

“I thought about coming out my junior year, coming out and not even testing the waters, just going in.  But then I realized at that next level you gotta be really ready, I don’t want to be a guy that comes in and just sit on the bench for a couple of years.  You know, that happens to a lot of young guys, so I wanted to be a guy that’d come in and be mentally tough and already mature and ready to play.”

 Was there an area he was trying to improve during his senior year:

“No, it wasn’t even nothing like that.  I just wanted to get, maybe get smarter and learn more about the game.  And I learned a lot my senior year just being with Coach Grant another year.”

On who he models him game after:

“Now, in my day, watching a lot of Steve Nash, watch a lot of Chris Paul, just the stuff they do in the NBA, I watch a lot of that.  I was able to go to Steve Nash camp two years in a row and learn some stuff from him, and so I guess you gotta watch the best that’s in the league that you’re trying to get in.”

On what kind of offense he’d like to run in the NBA:

“Up and down, running a lot of pick and roll sets where the point guard has the ball in his hands a lot and making plays.  Just setting guys up and stuff like that.

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