Entourage Season 8 Schedule: Mike Ditka, Who Makes Appearance in Final Season of HBO’s Hit Show, Might Have Mistakenly Leaked Plot Lines

The one-and-only Mike Ditka will be making a cameo this July on HBO’s Entourage as it returns for its eighth and final season. The former NFL coach, most notably with the Chicago Bears and ESPN analyst, will be a part of the Entourage series finale as he looks to give the vociferous Ari Gold some advice and let’s just say these aren’t the kind of quotes that inspired a culture on Saturday Night Live’s SuperFans, which coined the phrase ‘DA BEARS!’
Ditka isn’t the first sports figure to appear on Entourage, but I must say for a huge fan of the show who’s seen every episode, he sure might be the best possible sports figure to appear in the series finale. Entourage has had an incredible run filling the void The Sopranos left when it went off air in 2007 in becoming arguably the go-to original series of HBO. Waddle and Silvy also do their best to entice Iron Mike to finally go on Dancing With The Stars. Mike Ditka joined ESPN Chicago with Waddle and Silvy to discuss his on-camera experience on the last episode of HBO’s Entourage, the kind of lines he had on the last episode of Entourage, the lines being ‘F’ rated, meeting Jeremy Piven, other television appearances he has scheduled at the moment and Michael Irvin wanting him to go on Dancing With The Stars.

We hear you got a little Hollywood action yesterday?

“Yeah we had a good time out there with Barry Alvarez and Greg Rom from Motorola and my agent Steve Mandel. We had a little part in the last episode of whatever it was. You know what it is. Entourage.”

So you have an on-camera experience in the last episode of Entourage?

“Absolutely. I am the star, boy. I am the star.”

What kind of lines did you have on the last episode of Entourage?

“Well there are really, I would say, they are probably ‘F’ rated.”

They are ‘F’ rated?

“Yes, which goes beyond me and my altar boy image but I do have a couple of lines in there that might test a few people.”

Let me guess you’re yelling at somebody?

“No, I am just talking about Jeremy Piven and the thing is he’s wacko. You know he is going through a divorce and we are talking about some things and I make a few comments about him, that’s about all.”

Have you met Jeremy Piven before, being a Chicago kid?

“No, but we had a long talk and I didn’t realize he was from here and everything and said he is going to be in town this weekend and ask me to do something for him. I said if I am available Saturday night I would be glad to do it. He’s coming in town and I didn’t realize he is from Evanston, so we talked for awhile.”

What other Hollywood/television appearances do you have at this moment?

“None really. This just came up spur of the moment and actually you know, it was a good experience. We got to fly out there. We flew out on Motorola’s plane which was really nice and we flew back on that last night. I have to turn around and go out to Boston today then Denver tomorrow, so I am kinda traveling a bit.”

Entourage is a well received show, very popular. Does it mean anything to you that Entourage asked you to be on the last episode?

“Well yeah. I didn’t realize how big of a deal it is, I’ll be honest with you, I am kinda naïve about those things and I understand it is a pretty  big deal and yes, I think it is very nice and Coach Alvarez is on it with me so both of us are there.”

So Michael Irvin was in studio awhile back and he did an impression of you. He wants to see you on Dancing With The Stars, coach. Was that a pretty good impersonation of you?

“He’s right. But you know what I can hardly walk and I am going to dance? That’s crazy. I’ve been offered to do it, a couple times, a number of times actually. And I am too smart to do that, I mean there’s only so many ways you can embarrass yourself and I am not going to look for new ones, I’ve got enough old ones.”

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