Elway On Tebow: “He’s Got Everyone Else Believing That If You Stay Strong, Stay Positive, That Something Good Is Going To Happen.”

They did it again. Tim Tebow and the Broncos somehow found a way to win again yesterday when it looked incredibly bleak. Trailing by 10 with about three minutes to go in the game, the Broncos pulled out another mile-high miracle, with a little help from Bears running back Marion Barber to send the game into overtime. Then in OT, they got another huge break when Marion Barber fumbled. The Broncos offense took over and the rest was history. Another victory for the Broncos and another incredible comeback for Tim Tebow’s resume. You can say what you want about the schedule the Broncos have played, his throwing motion, his play in the first three quarters, but when the game is on the line, Tebow shines and inspires people in a way that I have never seen a player inspire teammates. Despite having a shaky offensive line yesterday that gave up five sacks and receivers that constantly let him down early in the game, Tebow and the Broncos never gave up, they never gave in and are now 7-1 in their last eight games since he took over as quarterback. Football is a team game and there is a lot of credit to go around but there was just one huge change that was made after the Broncos 1-4 start. One thing changed and it was the guy leading the offense.

John Elway joined 102.3 the Ticket in Denver with Vic and Gary to talk about whether or not he felt the Broncos were done when it was 10-0 with three minutes left, whether or not he feels like the Bears defense changed late in the game, what he thinks it is about Tim Tebow that the team has rallied behind him, and whether or not he has seen anything like Tebow’s leadership.

Whether or nor he felt the Broncos were going to lose when it was a 10-0 game with three minutes left:

“I actually thought about that. It started to eek its way in there and I said you know what we’re gonna figure out some way out to win this thing. Sure enough we figured out a way to win it. Got a couple of breaks along the way but Wesley Woodyard did a great job and Matt Prater made two great kicks for us. I didn’t let it creep in there. It wanted to but I said ‘you know what,  we’ll figure out some way’ and sure enough we figured it out.”

If he thinks the Bears defense changed late in the game:

“I don’t know that they really changed their defense. They might have softened it a little bit. What I saw was they’re not a complicated defense anyway. They’re a very good defense, front seven is very good, and they don’t do a lot of things defensively. Really all I saw late in the game they softened a little bit obviously with the situation they were in. They wanted to keep everything in front of them and I thought Tim did a good job checking things down, we were able to run the ball, get it up field, and then Tim makes a big play in the end to get us in the end zone. They might’ve softened it a little bit but I think if you look at the time of where they were coming from, it did make a little bit of sense. We were able to make the plays to get it done and we get the opportunity to get the ball back with a minute and thirty seconds left after fortunately for us Barber went out of bounds which stopped that clock which was very important to us.”

What he thinks it is about Tim Tebow that the team has rallied around him:

“I think when you look at it I guess I just believe everyone believes that something good is going to happen. Tim’s been the guy that has led that thinking and he’s just such a strong believer. He’s got everyone else believing that if you stay strong, stay positive, that something good is going to happen. There’s no question that those things Vic that you really can’t explain that are happening are happening. It’s the power of the mind and the power of positive thinking. I think when those guys are thinking that way and it’s been led by Timmy with that positive attitude that all boats have been rising with that and I think that’s why we’re seeing those types of things that can’t explain happening happen because I think there is such a strong belief that don’t know how it’s gonna happen, but a belief that it’s gonna happen. You don’t see that very often but I think when you get on rolls that we’ve been on with six straight wins that you gotta have a little luck on the way. We’ve definitely had some of that.”

Whether or not he has seen anyone raise a team’s lay like Tebow:

“No not to this point. If you look at where we’ve been just this season and look at the impact that he has had this season not only athletically of him running around and throwing the football but I think that his presence has been just huge and his confidence and his competitiveness that he has especially if you look about when we’re coming off 4-12 last year, we started 1-4 this year and the transformation and the input and importance he has had by no means can you put a number on how important he has been to this team…but I think he has rallied everyone around him which as you said is part of the leadership qualities that he and his ability as a football player but also as a man to really raise this whole organization and this whole football team to the point where it’s got such great belief that everybody is playing above their ability. I think that’s the sure sign of a great leader.”

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