Eagles Website Gave Sheldon Brown Idea On How To Force Way Out Of Philly


Sheldon Brown has been the most underappreciated player on the Eagles defense for a long time now.  We’ve always heard about Brian Dawkins, Jeremiah Trotter, Jevon Kearse, Trent Cole, or Lito Sheppard.  Rarely does Brown’s name came up, but it should. Next to Antoine Winfield, I think he’s the bast tackling cornerback in the league.  He’s never missed an NFL game due to an injury and he’s a better than average corner that can move inside and cover the slot in the nickel or dime defense.  And when his cover skills start to dissipate, he should seamlessly make the transition to safety. On Monday, Sheldon Brown made it known that he either wants a trade or a new contract.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m an Eagles fan, but it sure seems like the Eagles are in the news for stories of unhappy players more than any team in the whole league.  From a fan’s perspective, there’s no one to root for here.  Sheldon Brown wants to renegotiate a contract he willingly signed with four years still left on the contract and the Eagles come off looking cheap as (according to Pro Football Talk) they have more money left to spend under the salary cap than any team in the league. Sheldon Brown joined WIP in Philly on Thursday and shed some more light on his thinking and the impetus for his public comments. You know me, you know what I’ve stood for and represented over seven years and for it to have to come this for and for it to be public knowledge, I’ve never did anything to be an a-hole, obviously I feel a certain way.”

Did you get anywhere at all with sitting down with the Eagles?

“We got nowhere, obviously.  We’re talking about it today so it didn’t get anywhere.  The thing where I had to go public is because I happened to be looking at the Eagles website after the signing of Peters and I was looking at an interview with Joe (Banner) and Dave (Spadaro) and he said when Peters made it publicly known he wasn’t happy in Buffalo over a year ago they immediately called out there to inquire about the guy and try to figure out what was going on.  For me, that gave me an opportunity to make it be known that there is a problem and if there’s a team willing to call it gives them the opportunity to call.”

You’re basically doing exaclty what Jason Peters did in Buffalo:

“You see it differently?  You know what’s ironic and crazy about the whole thing…I got the idea from an interview on the Eagles website.”

You’re not the only guy in the Eagles locker room that feels this way:

“The entire CBA changed in 2006 period.  That’s why there’s been problems before me and there will be problems after me.  Period!  Sorry.”

What could happen that would make you a happy member of the Eagles?

“I love Coach Reid.  I love the organization.  Everybody.  It’s business right now. I’m sorry to the fans that there is a business side of the game.  I apologize for that, but unfortunately there is. I felt like this is my opportunity to make a business move and I’m doing that.”

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