Doug Martin’s Standout Rookie Year Just Keeps Getting Better


Doug Martin has been drawing plenty of eyes all season, but those numbers are certainly growing as the season wears on for Tampa Bay’s rookie running back. He became one of the biggest stories of the season — and recent football history — on Sunday when he ran for 251 yards and four touchdowns in the Buccaneers’ victory over Oakland. Doug Martin joined ESPN Radio with Mike and Mike to discuss his mentality as his successful rookie season wears on in Tampa Bay, his hardest part of the transition to the NFL, worrying about the rookie wall, losing offensive linemen in front of him, first-year coach Greg Schiano and Boise State players being successful in the NFL.
How did you deal with the success between your big game against Minnesota and then again on Sunday?:
“It was a good game, the Vikings game, and I just didn’t look much past it. My mom, she called me. She was very excited I had a great game and she asked how I felt about it. I was just like, ‘It’s one game and I’ve got the rest of the season to go.’ I just wanted to let that go by.”

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You’re the third leading rusher in the league, but what’s been the hardest part of the transition to the NFL?:

“There was preseason and the first four games and, after that, I got more comfortable with the offense and more comfortable with the speed of the game and how fast the holes close. It was just overall the speed of the game and being comfortable in game situations with the offense.”

Is there any thought given to possibly hitting the rookie wall?:

“There hasn’t been much talk about it, but I’m hoping it doesn’t come soon.”

How have you managed to overcome the loss of two key offensive linemen?:

“Those are definitely big losses for our offense, but the next guys have stepped up and carried the flag and they’re doing an awesome job. I know they’re going to do just as well throughout the season.”

What has first-year coach Greg Schiano brought to this team?:

“He’s very detail-oriented. What that means is you have to be on time, toes across the line in stretch lines, practicing game speed so games will be easier. Just to have that family unity as a football team. That will be very important for us to keep momentum going for us throughout the season.”

What does it say about Boise State that so many of you guys are doing well in the NFL?:

“It says a lot about the program. Coach Pete and that staff did a good job of putting us in position to be successful. Coach Pete does a good job of making [men out of boys]. Coach Pete and Coach Schiano are very similar in what they coach about and what they believe about team unity, being detail-oriented. What sticks out the most between them is being detail-oriented.”

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