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Dez Bryant Ankle Dallas Cowboys Off Field Issues Martellus Bennett

It sure has been an interesting off-season for Dez Bryant. The Dallas Cowboys wide out can’t seem to stay out of the headlines whether it pertains to him wearing his pants too low at a local mall, facing two lawsuits from people claiming he hasn’t paid his jewelry bills, Deion Sanders claiming he has too many ‘yes men’ in his life and he can’t be trusted , or merely blowing off (or at best being late) requests and/or commitments to local Dallas radio stations. Everyone just seems to be hating on Dez no matter what he does and his twitter page has ignited some interesting messages pertaining to his love life as well according to Ben and Skin in the following interview. There’s no question that No. 88  is explosive, and his rookie season only showed a preview of what the young man can become. Cowboys fans haven’t seen a young rookie wide receiver come into their system with this much talent since Michael Irvin and it’s not a coincidence that’s the number he choose either.

The young man clearly has some maturing to do in the future, but as long as his troubles do not get him put behind bars as the previous ‘Boys Will Be Boys,’ teams of the 1990′s, I’m confident all Dallas football fans care about is Dez catching passes and helping win games. Dez Bryant joined ESPN Radio Dallas with Ben & Skin to discuss his one-on-one drills with Indianapolis Colts cornerback Jacob Lacey, how he is feeling health wise with his ankle, going slow with his ankle or going full speed if the lockout were to be lifted, his close relationship with Martellus Bennett, the media and fans being a nuisance when it comes to everyone following his life off the field and what he has done to stay focused this off-season.

So what do these one-on-one drills with Jacob Lacey of the Colts entail that you are doing today?

“We are going to go out to a high school field and we are going to do some football drills and do some one-on-one’s and as a matter of fact. We are going to do some one-on-one’s and get right until the lockout is over with.”

How are you feeling health wise?

“I feel great. In my honest opinion I think that my ankle is fine, but whenever the lockout is over with I am going to go in and let Jim [Maurer] look at my ankle and see how it is and I am going to go from there.”

Are you taking the ankle slow or going full speed if the lockout were to be lifted?

“Like I said in my opinion I feel I can roll with it now, but if Jim [Maurer] says to take it slow I am going to take it slow. If it’s up to me I am going full speed. I only know one speed and that is full speed.”

Your relationship with Martellus Bennett is real close isn’t it? Describe your relationship with Marty B?

“Marty let me know about his…the way he came into the league when everybody was up on him. He was just trying to keep me calm with all of this and to stayed focused on football.”

Do you find it interesting that everyone is trying to find out everything that is going on with you off the field and get in your business? Is it a nuisance to you?

“Coming in I am one of those guys that I’m not going to lie I hate the after session [with the media]. I hate it. Now I look at is as people are going to say whatever they want to say. I just gotta learn with what I feel like saying that I have to keep moving forward as long as possible. The true fans around me that will see me doing the positive things and that’s the only thing that matters.”

Can you talk about your off-season a little bit and what you’ve done to get focused?

“Well just football you know. That’s what I love. I focus more on football and speaking to all my fans. Those are my main priorities. That will keep me going. That’s my motivation. Hey that’s what I live for.”

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