Devin Harris Is Excited To Be A Part Of A Winning Franchise Again

Devin Harris Is Excited To Be A Part of a Winning Franchise Again

With just minutes left in the NBA trade deadline, the Utah Jazz pulled the trigger on a trade sending Deron Williams to New Jersey in exchange for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and some draft picks.  Harris and Favors immediately improved by joining a winning team, leaving behind a pitiful record and washing out the bitter taste of knowing all too well what it is like to lose more often than not.  Replacing an All-Star and arguably the best point guard in the game can be overwhelming to some, but not Harris.  He has taken over for All-Stars before in Dallas when Steve Nash signed with Phoenix and in New Jersey when he was traded to the Nets as part of a blockbuster deal to acquire Jason Kidd.  Although his game has slipped a little the past few seasons, Harris believes his quickness, penetrating skills, and his ability to distribute the rock will help the Jazz start winning again and get them back into the playoff picture.Devin Harris joined KFNZ in Salt Lake City to talk about what he thinks of the world of professional basketball that he lives in, what it was like playing in New Jersey, and if the Jazz are going to get the same player he was in theseason.

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What he thinks of the world he lives in:

“It is awkward but it is something that we love.  It is a business.  We move around a lot but it is something that you enjoy doing.  The travel is great.  Obviously we get to do things that you can only dream of but it is a fun living and I enjoy doing it.”

What it was like playing in New Jersey:

“It wasn’t my best couple of years as far as winning-wise.  It was tough coming in to replace Jason Kidd and with the ownership with way it was going they sort of cut salaries and we dealt pretty tough.  Obviously being one of the worst teams in the history was very tough and not getting out to a great start this year.  It was something I am glad I went through.  Obviously it shows you that you could be at the top and that very easily you could go down to the bottom.  I am very anxious to get back to the top of that, winning.”

Whether he got bored or tired after the first 30 games this season:

“Neither.  I would say more of just try to change the way I play for the sake of the team.  We made some trades I sacrificed my offense a little bit to get the team going and try to win more games.”

If the Jazz are going to get the same player he was in the season:

“Hopefully so.  That is definitely the level I am trying to get back to.  I think I can do that with this type of team.  Like I said, I am looking to get back into that rare form.”

How he goes about trying to get all of his belongings shipped to Utah:

“I have been through a mid-season trade before.  This is what I did.  I only packed for a two day trip.  I shipped probably a fourth of my wardrobe to the hotel in Utah, car will be on the way.  So I think I can manage and live in the hotel for the hotel for the rest of the season and just kind of chill and hangout.”

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