DeSean Jackson on Critics of his Rap Label: “When the season comes around I will be 100% focused on football.”

Should the Philadelphia Eagles be concerned about DeSean Jackson’s new rap career? I must say Deion Sanders rap career never interfered with his play on the field, but it did produce this classic track. No.10 finally got his payday back in March, cashing in on a five-year deal, worth $51 million. There seems to be a growing concern in Philadelphia that Jackson now has his money and won’t be as focused on the field as he is off the field. The Eagles wide receiver attempted to squash these claims when he joined Mike Missanelli this week. DeSean Jackson joined 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia with Mike Missanelli to discuss the optimism in Philadelphia Eagles camp this summer, his decision to start a Rap label, fans being concerned about his music interfering with his NFL career, managing his label and discovering new talent for it.

What is different from last year? Why are things so optimistic this year?

“Honestly it’s full year for us to be able to have a off-season. With the lockout last year and us not being able to practice with each other that definitely hurt us, so this year Michael Vick is able to have a full year under his belt. We went through all three phases and today was the last day of our mini-camp and I just think the team together is just working hard and being on one path. At the end of the year it’s about being the last team standing and we are excited and we are happy right now to have this little time off and still work to get ready for that training camp at the end of the month.”

Tell me why you decided to make a rap label and your thoughts on the fans being concerned about it?

“Well honestly as long as I am going to work and playing football and keeping that first and foremost. My number one thing I do [is football]. I don’t think anyone should judge anything I do. That’s what I decided to do. My record label? People can hate on it, but no one knows the truth. I just have a passion for music. I grew up around Snoop Dogg and having the relationship I am able to have with him and certain people in the industry. I mean it’s a blessing for me. I am just taking advantage of that and at the same time shedding light and helping out people I grew up with making it in life. Some of them have some great talents in the music game as well, so maybe one of their sirens goes on after this, so I really don’t get into what people think of or say negatively about it. In my eyes it’s positive.”

Do you think it’s legit when people are concerned with you being involved with the Hip Hop World?

“I can’t speak on that. In my eyes I am not looking at it as anything. I am just looking at the positives, so like I said I have a passion for it and a passion for Hip Hop.  How can you fault me for having a passion for Hip Hop? That’s how I grew up and I was raised, so basically it is my life.” How do you answer the fans who think you must closely watch over your rap label so the wrong people don’t run it?

Can you trust people running your rap label?

“That’s not true at all. That’s what people get commissions to work for. Like I said I have a company. I have my family and friends involved in it. Those are the guys I grew up with and when I am focused on football and playing football that’s what I am going to do. When the season comes around I will be 100% focused on football. It’s not a distraction to me and it won’t be a distraction for everybody to say I am spending all types of money like…it’s nothing like that. You really get to understand the world. Once the music is released those people will be able to get a different perspective on it, so like I said I am going to pursue it and football is first and foremost.”

Are you going to be discovering new talent for your rap label? How is this going to work exactly?

“I actually have five artists and Young Chris is an artist and he was found by Jay-Z. He was the one that did ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,’ Rocafella Records. They use to be signing Jay-Z. Nationally he is from Philadelphia and I have another 14-year old artist. A younger artist from the city of Philadelphia, who has crazy skills and can rap out of this world.”

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