Derrick Mason: “in This Business You Can’t Win Games On Potential And Promise.”

Derrick Mason: “In this business you can’t win games on potential and promise.”

Derrick Mason signed a two-year contract with the New York Jets a few weeks ago because he believes Rex Ryan’s crew gives him the best chance to win the Super Bowl at the end of his career. The 37-year old wide out has compiled 924 receptions totaling 11,891 yards, which is 12th most in NFL history during his 15-year career.Although Mason looks to fill the void left by Jerricho Cotchery, much has been made about the Jets offense rising to a higher level then it has been in years past with the addition of veteran wide receivers. The former Michigan State Spartan believes his new offense can score 30 points a game and he’s not just talking up a big game in the following interview with WFAN in New York. Mason will be teaming up with Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress in New York’s revamped receiving unit and believes health is the only issue stopping this offense from putting up over four touchdowns per game.

Derrick Mason joined WFAN in New York with Anita Marks to discuss his initial thoughts on the Jets-Giants rivalry, the amount of talent the New York Jets have on offense, how good Mark Sanchez is at this point of his career, the biggest difference of Rex Ryan in New York compared to his days in Baltimore and the reason why players want to play for Rex Ryan.Are you coming into your own on experiencing how deep the rivalry is between the Jets and Giants?“Yes I am. Playing for the Titans and then going from the Titans to Baltimore you never got an appreciation for the rivalry between the Jets and the Giants. But being here for the last couple of weeks you really get that appreciation.”

How explosive can this New York Jets offense be?

“I think we can be as explosive as we want to be. In this business you can’t win games on potential and promise. You gotta be able to go out there and put it all together. The thing for us is that we all have to stay on the field. We can’t have any injuries to the offense. Once you have injuries that kind of derails things for you as an offense. If all of us can stay on the field and on one page then I think we can be a very explosive offense.”

How good is Mark Sanchez? Give it on a scale of 1-10? Where is he at right now?

“He’s developing at the way a young quarterback needs to develop. I was with Joe [Flacco] for three years and I saw his development from year one to year three. I think Sanchez is on that roll right now. I can’t rate him from a one to a ten. I can’t give him a rating, but I think he’s on that natural progress that all young quarterbacks have to make in order to make it in this league and lead your teams to championships. I think for him what helps is that we have a very good defense, we have a very good running game and he’s been to two AFC Championship games. That will help him a lot where as with Joe [Flacco] we went to one in his first year and we played in some playoff games. For Sanchez he built up that confidence through the playoffs and you could see that this year.”

What is the biggest difference you see in Rex Ryan here in New York compared to what you saw from him in Baltimore?

“I think it is the same personality. What you see is what you get. What you saw in Baltimore is the same guy you are getting here with the Jets. I don’t think he has changed any. He is not going to change. He’s going to pretty much go out and do it his way and hopefully he can be successful at it and he has been successful. Like I said the last two years they have been to the AFC Championship game so why change? He’s a guy that knows the game. He knows the game from the defensive side of the ball better than I think any defensive coach out there. He’s running this team the way he wants to run it and it has been successful.” Give me the main reason as to why guys want to play for Rex Ryan?“He’s honest. He’s not going to be one way in your face and another way behind your back. He’s Rex. He’s not going to change. Like I said he’s going to be doing it the way he has been doing it for the longest. For me that’s all I want is for a guy to be able to look at me and when they tell me something be honest about it and he has.”Listen to Derrick Mason with 660 WFAN here Tags: Anita Marks, Derrick Mason, Mark Sanchez, New York Jets, NFL, Rex Ryan, WFAN in New York


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