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Derek Holland Says the Heat He Has Received For His TV Interview Is Uncalled For


Derek Holland Says the Heat He Has Received for His TV Interview Is Uncalled For

The other night Rangers pitcher Derek Holland put together the greatest pitching performance of his career and one of the greatest pitching performances in Rangers postseason history. Holland went eight and a third innings and completely shut down the St. Louis Cardinals in a must-win game for Texas in the World Series. In fact if the Rangers go on to hoist the trophy, they can look back and thank their 25-year-old lefty because it was his performance that turned the momentum back to the Rangers.

One night after delivering on the biggest stage for Texas, Holland went on TV for an interview and decided to have a little fun. While still keeping an eye on the game, he did his best Harry Caray impression and then sent FOX to commercial break as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some people had an issue with it. Not me. He was just being himself and having a little fun. That’s who the Texas Rangers have been all season long and after dealing a gem the night before, Holland had every right to be in a good mood and he had every right to enjoy the moment.Derek Holland joined ESPN 103.3 in Dallas with Galloway and Company to talk about how surreal it is to him still, what it was like coming off the field to the crowd going nuts in the World Series after that pitching performance, what he makes of the criticism he has received after his interview on TV during game five, if he will be available to pitch in the next couple of games if needed, and what he makes of the way Mike Napoli has played.

If it is still somewhat surreal to think about his pitching performance in game four:

“Yeah. When I got home that night I was with my family and stuff and spent a little time celebrating with them. Right when I went to bed I couldn’t even fall asleep. I was still in awe and I was still like wired from everything happening.”

What it is like to be on such a high from a pitching performance like that:

“That baseball high is like unbelievable. You can always think about what you’re capable of doing now. I performed on the biggest stage. I threw one of the biggest games of my life on the biggest stage in baseball. It’s a weird feeling and you can’t even describe it.”

How it felt to have so many people going wild for him in Texas:

“It was amazing. Our fans are amazing just to begin with anyway. To hear them going wild like that was unbelievable. The way they did it, they’ve been through the good times with me and the bad times with me, they haven’t booed me or anything like that so hopefully I don’t experience anything like that. They’ve been through it all and to see them and hear them go as loud as they were that night was unbelievable. Like I said before there really isn’t any words to describe how I felt. I felt all tingly in my body like it was giving me the butterflies. It was weird.”

On his appearance with FOX during the game and the criticism he has gotten for it:

“The thing is I know people have been talking all kinda of stuff from what I hear about me doing that impression. I don’t know why but at the same time they asked me to do it and I did it. If they would actually have seen me during the game they would know I was very into the game, always behind my teammates, pushing my teammates, doing everything, and one little thing of me doing what they asked me to do on TV makes me seem like a bad guy or makes me seem like I wasn’t in the game to me is uncalled for because I was in there, going crazy with my teammates, pushing for them, grinding with them, and doing everything I can. I was behind them and one little thing should not dictate what I was doing like that to basically say I was not in the game or not paying attention or anything like that. It was me talking to the announcers. I had to do an interview with them. I was definitely in there supporting my team. There’s no doubt about it.”

On just being himself:

“I’m not going to be something I’m not. (Those interviews) are a little bit different but they’re trying to just get in game feed, trying to see what’s going on in the dugout and stuff, and how we are. As a team, I heard Napoli giving his interview earlier actually when I was taking him to the airport and they were talking about me acting the way I was on TV and he said the exact same thing. He said that’s how we are as a team. We want to be relaxed, comfortable, we’re a goofy team in a way but we know when to be serious and when we have to take care of business.”

Whether or not he will be available for the next two games if he is needed:

“Yeah I will be in the bullpen. I’ve done everything I’m supposed to be doing to get myself ready for this. Wash (Ron Washington) knows it and also (Mike) Maddux knows it as well. We’ve talked about it.”

On the impact mike Napoli has had in Texas:

“This guy’s unbelievable. He probably was one of the most hated guys in baseball when the Angels would come to town and now here it is, us Texas fans are in love with him. We’re so blessed and happy to have such a great guy on our team. It’s amazing. It’s great.”

 Responses to “Derek Holland Says the Heat He Has Received for His TV Interview Is Uncalled For”

Seriously? People were upset over Holland’s impersonations? First off, Buck & McCarver were egging the guy on, pushing him to do them. Holland didn’t volunteer the idea. Secondly, if one was watching the game at all, you could see Holland moving around so that he could get a view of the field during questions. Thirdly, chill out, take a deep breath, and get off your high horse. Holland has been a breathof fresh air & a phenominal part of a great World Series. Congrats to the Kid, and great game tonight. Again.

The kid’s brilliant. Those impressions were some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a long time. Made me LMFAO. Don’t change, Dutch. For what it’s worth, even as a Cardinal fan who watched him dominate my team a day earlier, I thought it was really neat to watch a young player who is clearly having the time of his life playing in the world series and treasuring every moment. Furthermore, I’m glad he’s not starting tonight in Game 7…

I agree with y’all. I enjoyed it and you could tell Holland was still watching the game during the interview. Even if he wasn’t, he wasn’t on tap to do anything that evening except relax/recuperate. I think he was hilarious and wish he would do more of it during times like pitching changes. I liked getting a feel for the lighter side of the way things go in the clubhouse. I loved it, it cracked me up, I wish him great success! I just wish they had left him in in game 6…

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