Demaryius Thomas On Tim Tebow: “i Feel Like He Thinks He Can Take Sanchez’s Spot. I Feel Good About Tim Going Out There.”

The last time we heard from Demaryius Thomas here at SRI he was excited and nervous about being teammates with Peyton Manning. He also felt bad for Tim Tebow. Well, his tune may have quickly changed in the last few weeks. No.88 dishes out the inside story from the Broncos locker room regarding their feelings toward Tebow. Demaryius Thomasjoined 790 The Zone in Atlanta with The 2 Live Stews to discuss not being sad that Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets, the talk in the Denver Broncos locker room regarding Tim Tebow’s play at the quarterback position, the Broncos locker room being divided due to the media attention that Tim Tebow received, the Broncos coaching staff critiquing Tim Tebow on his throwing arm, his advice to Mark Sanchez, and Tim Tebow believing he can take Mark Sanchez’s spot as the starting quarterback of the Jets.

Were you sad to see Tim Tebow go?

“It’s a business decision. I ain’t going to say I was sad because the only thing they remember is that pass. You gotta go back and look at the rest of the games. I wasn’t getting no balls and you had to make some of these plays where some players were open and he is not making the throws, but I don’t want to talk bad about Tim, but hey I am happy we got Peyton.”

What was the attitude around the locker room with the way Tim Tebow played?

“Everybody was talking about…you get some players and had some that said he can’t throw, but if you get open and you get one your way you gotta make the play no matter where the ball is at. Then you had some that said he is a winner. He works hard and just stay with him and you’ll be fine and that was basically it. There wasn’t much talk about him, but you know everything on ESPN was all about Tim. That bothered some players too because they would say ‘Tim Tebow Time.’ I felt like it was a team thing. If it wasn’t for the defense most of the time there wouldn’t be no supposed ‘Tim Tebow Time.’ “

Was there visible tension in the Broncos locker room for all the love that Tim Tebow got from the media?

“No there wasn’t no tension. I feel like everybody as long as we winning everybody was fine, so if we won there wasn’t no tension at all. If we lost nobody really played well when we lost, so I didn’t see no tension.”

How did the coaches handle critiquing Tim Tebow on his throws in team film sessions?

“Most of the time if we wanted we’d watch it as…receivers would watch it together. Quarterbacks would watch it together, but then some games we watched it as a whole team and then you would have people calling him out saying, ‘Tim you gotta make that throw. You gotta read the defenses better.’ Players on offense trying to get him better. That was basically it.”

What would you say to Mark Sanchez?

“Hey I would tell him like it is. You are going to have to work hard. You have to go out and practice hard every day. Tim go out every day and be the first one on the field and the last one off the field, in the meeting room. He’s just going to have to do everything that he’s probably doing now.”

What did you think of the Tim Tebow trade? As a player do you think this was a good move?

“On the Jets behalf? [Takes a breath and sighs] I ain’t going to say it was a good move, but I really don’t know. I feel like Tim can get better, but it is going to take some time because he’s gotta read the defenses and throwing patterns, but I feel like he thinks he can go out there and take Sanchez’s spot. I ain’t going to talk bad about Sanchez, but he’s not one of the best quarterbacks in the game, so I feel good about Tim going out there.”

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