DeMarcus Ware Says That The Cowboys’ Defense Won’t Change With Sean Lee Out

Dallas Cowboys fans received devastating news when it was reported that superstar linebacker Sean Lee would be lost for the remainder of the season due to a toe injury. Lee had been having a lights-out start to the season, but his peer and fellow superstar DeMarcus Ware doesn’t seem too concerned about the team’s chances sans Lee. DeMarcus Ware joined Coop & Nate on ESPN Dallas to discuss the state of the Cowboys at 3-3 and how the defense is different with Sean Lee out of the lineup. The interview was conducted before it was reported that Lee would miss the remainder of the season.

On his confidence that the team is about to take off:

“We’re 3-3, and we deserve to be 3-3. Because there were some mistakes that we made at the beginning of the season that we couldn’t capitalize on. But those adverse times made us into a better team where we are right now. And from the first game until now, we’re a better team. … We’re taking off now, and just let all the fans know that we’re a different team and this is where it all starts at. You can’t start off hot and end up not. We’re starting off right where we need to be, and just trying to get to where we are.”

On how not having Sean Lee in the middle affects the defense:

“Coach Rob isn’t going to change anything. Everything’s going to stay the same. … You could see, when Bruce Carter came in there, when Dan Connor came in there, we didn’t lose a step. We’ve got guys in the 2 position that can play.  Nothing’s going to change. As our defense says, we’re going to do what we do. No matter who’s out there, you need to know how to do it and do it effectively.”

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