Daryl Morey on the State of the Houston Rockets: “We’re probably not going to win the title next year.”

Rockets GM Daryl Morey has went to great lengths to apologize for the mistake of letting Jeremy Lin go last season. Houston cut Jeremy Lin in December because he wasn’t, and still isn’t, better than Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic.  Then again the Rockets lost Dragic to free agency and traded Lowry, so a move had to be made to restock at point guard and to restore some faith for the fan base. Coming off the Lin press conference on Thursday, Morey participated in a friendly interview with Sports Radio 610 in Houston before he began to bait the hosts to ask him “better” questions since he sounded like he was becoming bored with the pace of the questioning.

Well Morey got his wish with some harder questions and kudos to the hosts for telling it like it is for the Houston Rockets franchise. Daryl Morey joined SportsRadio 610 KILT in Houston on “The J&R Show” with Josh Innes and Rich to discuss the probability of the Houston Rockets winning a championship in the next 2-5 years, living off the success of the Houston Rockets championship from the 1994-1995 season, keeping his job as general manager of the Rockets, how long it will take for the Rockets to win another NBA championship and having his job as general manager in Houston at this time next year.

Before we let you go what would you consider a success this offseason? What would you consider a success for the team and yourself this offseason?

“I think has our probability for a championship gone up relative to where we were when the offseason started? I think that is the only way we measure ourselves. We measure ourselves on what is probability of winning a championship over the next 2-5 years and I think we have situated ourselves much better to do that going forward. Come on Josh [Innes] you gotta have tougher question than this? What do you got? Give me something harder?”

How long can you continue to live off of the success of 20 years ago?

“I think we are an enormously successful franchise. Obviously we are not satisfied where we are at, but I think what you can judge is we put ourselves in position to be a championship contender multiple, multiple years. Obviously Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady’s injuries really set us back and we’ve dug out of that much better than any of these other franchises that you can name.”

How much longer can you tread the water and still have a job

“I think treading water is something when you’re .500 over and over without advancing with young players, ability to have cap room and trade. Most of the teams that are treading water are spending 8-12 years without being competitive. We’ve maintained our competitiveness and positioned ourselves to be a championship contender.”

Well you positioned yourself to be a championship contender, but it still hasn’t happened yet? How long do you give yourself as a general manager?

“29 out of 30 teams every year are disappointed, so you can move yourself to any freaking city and make that same comment. So you’re brilliant. We’re probably not going to win the title next year. You can be in almost any NBA city and you’re going to be right about that, so that’s a great comment. [Co-Host: I am going to have to separate you two?] I am just trying to understand…like I want to hear where he is negative because I’m excited to address it. I am waiting for it [a tougher question from the host].”

Do you think you will have a job at this time next year?

“That’s something Mr.[Leslie] Alexander…[Host: Do you believe going .500 or right around .500 next year, do you think you still deserve to have a job after that?] I think that is unsatisfactory unless you are positioning yourself to be a championship contender. Mr.Alexander judges all the performance of everyone, so it’s up to him.”

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