Darren Daulton: “I Can Assure You There’s Probably No One In Any Sport That Has Taken More Drugs Than I Have.”


The new leader in the clubhouse for 2009 quote of the year, Darren Daulton.  I’m guessing Todd Marinovich might want to argue with this claim.  Man has Daulton lived an interesting life.  From marrying the original Hooters girl Lynne Austin, to leading Macho Row of the 1993 NL Champion Phillies, to his recent claims of skipping through time and undergoing astral travel.  I wonder if he’s more like Bill or Ted?

Daulton has done interviews over the past few years with Real Sports On HBO and ESPN discussing his bizarre conspiracy theories, metaphysics, and numerology so his comments above can’t be that shocking.  Daulton recently joined ESPN Radio Philadelphiain studio for an hour to talk mostly about the 1993 team.  He had some great stories on Lenny Dykstra and John Kruk and they avoided the metaphysical stuff.  There was a great deal of talk on drugs, steroids, and many of the trials and tribulations (including jail) of Daulton’s post-baseball life.

Did you use (steroids)?

“As we know Mike, I’ve been in rehab, I’ve been in jail, not necessarily for those reasons.  I’ve taken more drugs than steroids.  I’m not going to apologize for the things I’ve done in life.  That’s life, that’s how you learn.  We’ve all down stuff that in society people perceive them as bad.  I just don’t care to give that any more energy because people will take that and run with it. I’ve been in a rehab before. ”

I understand that, I’m just trying to pin it down,where you using steroids as a player?

“If I told you all the drugs that I’ve taken, Mike, you would open that up as a can of worms (laughing).  I don’t feel that you or anyone else needs to know anything that I’ve ever done to respect me.  No disrespect, that’s just the way I am.  I feel if I told you all the drugs I’ve ever taken that would reflect on someone else.  I CAN  ASSURE YOU THERE’S PROBABLY NO ONE IN ANAY SPORT THAT HAS TAKEN MORE DRUGS THAN I HAVE AND I THINK PEOPLE STILL RESPECT ME.  IT’S NOT WHAT GOES IN, IT’S WHAT COMES OUT .” 

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