Darrelle Revis: “Not Being In Camp Is The Reason I Have The Problem Right Now That I’m Going Through”

Through”Remember when Darrelle Revis missed all of training camp because of a prolonged contract re-negotiation? The Jets got him on the field as soon as they could after he signed – in time for Week 1 when he played 82 snaps for part of a defense that held the Baltimore Ravens to just ten points. Same old Jets defense. Same old Revis. Right?Well it turns out there is a reason that players go to training camp besides to learn the playbook and see themselves on HBO. They go to get into football shape. Preseason games help that as well. Getting up to game speed and game shape isn’t a given. It’s a process. Darrelle Revis tried to skip the process and now he and the Jets are going to pay as Revis nurses a pulled hamstring.Revis tweaked his hamstring on the play above.

Originally, it looked like an excuse to give up what was a tremendous and indefensible touchdown by Randy Moss – which Jim Nantz and Phil Simms completely undersold at the time. So it appears the tweak was worse than just an excuse and it may cost Revis a week or two to heal enough to get back to Interestingly, while Revis missed time, Antonio Cromartie found a way to more than adequately replace him. What Cromartie lacks in physical, shut-down ability, he makes up for with speed and ballhawking skills. His interception while defending Randy Moss was one of the more critical plays in the Jets resounding victory over the Patriots.New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis joined Michael Irvin on WQAM in Miami to discuss the status of his hamstring injury, when he expects to play next, getting hurt on the Randy Moss touchdown – and blaming it on missing training camp, all of the controversy surrounding the Jets and how he and Antonio Cromartie defend receivers differently.

On what he is doing to recover from his hamstring injury:

“They won’t let me leave the facility. They got me doing treatment 24-7 to get me back… It’s getting better every day. With hamstrings, you just got to rest and take some time with it. We are just going through the normal hamstring process. When I’m 100%, I’ll be back out there.”

On when he thinks he’ll be:

“I’m not going to rule out Sunday, but when I tweaked it again in the game, our process through this whole situation was, ‘Hey, we don’t want to get it any worse than before. It’s a long season. Let’s just take a step back and do all the treatment we can until it’s fully recovered for you can go out there and play.’ Sunday is still up in the air. They are going to go by my word and how I really feel. We’ll go from there.”

On how much missing camp plays into his injury:

“I think it plays. I think that’s the main point. Not being in camp is the reason I have the problem right now that I’m going through.”

On how he felt during the Randy Moss touchdown:

“Yes, I was 100% before the ball was snapped. We kind of got the call in late. That’s still no excuse. I still got to do my job and watch my man. He got the jump on me, ran straight up the field, a little post pattern. He put his hand up in the air like Randy always do when he’s that wide open. Brady saw him and it was a nice throw and catch. When I seen the ball in the air, I tried to speed up and that’s when I grabbed my hamstring and pulled up again and I couldn’t do nothing on the play. It was a great throw and catch. It was a great one-handed catch by Randy. I’ve seen myself on SportsCenter about 100 times already. It was a sharp pain. I could just feel it knotting up… My confidence is still up. When you are battling against the best, it’s a dogfight the whole game. Last year, I shut him down. This time he got a touchdown on me. To prove myself, later on in the season I will try to stop him from not making a highlight on me again.”

On the mood with the Jets and all the recent controversy:

“There’s victory Monday. Today is Tuesday. This is our time to be away from the facility and rest up. I think right now, guys are probably just surprised with all that’s going on with the team. I’m sure on Wednesday, people are going to come in here with a lot of questions. That’s when we can answer the questions to let them get understanding and we can bond together… Right now it’s kind of tough.”

And on how he and Antonio Cromartie would defend Brandon Marshall differently:

“We’re two different corners. Me watching Brandon Marshall, my first thing on the checklist is to be physical with him, press him, get my hands on him and try to keep him from running down the field. He’s not a very speedy guy, but he’s got good speed and he has body control when he is going down the field. On deep balls, I would try to put my body on him and make him go into the sidelines as much as I can to shorten his route up and make a play on the ball. Cromartie is more of a speedster corner, more of a finesse corner. You see him against Randy, he went to go track that ball down. It was a little overthrown, but he is a speedster and a finesse guy at corner.”

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