Dannell Ellerbe: I Want to Be in Baltimore. My Heart Is in Baltimore

After winning the Super Bowl, it’s entirely possible that the Baltimore Ravens will have some new faces in 2013. Everyone already knew they were going to lose one linebacker with the retirement of Ray Lewis, but Baltimore might lose another in free agency. His name is Dannell Ellerbe. The former undrafted free agent doesn’t get a lot of attention but was an important piece of the defense. Although undersized, Ellerbe was second on the team in tackles and would be a big loss if he decides to leave in free agency, especially because Baltimore already has their hands full with quarterback Joe Flacco this offseason and finding a replacement for Ray Lewis.

Danell Ellerbe joined WNST in Baltimore to talk about what it is like to read about himself when it comes to free agency, if he still plays with a chip on his shoulder, what this process is like for him, if he is nervous about his future and whether he has told his agent what he wants during this process.

What it’s like reading about himself when it comes to free agency:

“Honestly I haven’t been reading about myself man. I really haven’t been into it this week because I’ve been running so much.”

If he still plays with a chip on his shoulder:

“Oh yeah. A chip on the shoulder is an understatement. (Host: It made you like hellbent right?) Yeah it’s about proving myself man because I went from being Top 2 or Top 3 inside linebacker to not even being drafted. I will never forget it.”

On this process of free agency and his agent:

“No you can’t sweat because I’m paying him to do a job and I have the utmost respect for him. I know he’s a stand-up guy and he’s going to do what is best for us at the end of the day. This is the part of the business where you can’t let it get too personal because it is a business. I don’t want to hear everything. I don’t want to hear every knock on me. Of course you want to hear the good things, but I don’t want to get too carried away in that too. I know he’s going to do his job, let me know where we’re at and just looking forward and praying for the best.”

Whether he is nervous about this process:

Nah, nah. I feel like I played good enough and I feel like I’m going to have a team so being able to play football, that’s what I want to do and I know I’m going to be able to do that. As far as the money goes, just going to get what we get and my agent, I’m paying him to do a job and I’m pretty sure I have the right guy so I’m just looking forward to it.”

If he has told his agent what he wants during this process:

“I’m looking forward to making the best out of everything. The team that I play for, the money that I get, the situation I’m going into and all of that plays into it. I already have a Super Bowl. I want to be in Baltimore. My heart is in Baltimore, I love Baltimore, I love the fans, I love talking to y’all guys and I know I’m not going to talk to y’all somewhere else.”

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