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Dana White Is Not Paying Kimbo Slice


The UFC has been around for over 15 years, but it only went mainstream a couple years ago.  Last year, a man by the name of Kimbo Slice went from beating the crap out of people on YouTube to being on an ESPN cover within a couple weeks.  The UFC Commissioner, Dana White, could not stop talking trash about him, calling Kimbo a gimmick and a phony.  He claimed the only way Kimbo would ever be a part of the UFC was to go through its reality show, The Ultimate Fighter.  That’s where we are today.  Slice has signed on to the show where the winner receives a UFC contract.  Everyone assumes that White is giving Kimbo some sort of compensation – that there’s no way a guy who had other money offers would fight for free.  White gets interrogated about that below but he remains steadfast that Kimbo isn’t receiving remuneration.  FYI, Kimbo’s season of The Ultimate Fighter is scheduled to air beginning in September.  Dana White joined The Carmichael Dave Show to discuss that he didn’t expect Kimbo to take this route, and the cash rumor.

On no one expecting Kimbo Slice to ever be a part of the UFC:

“I didn’t either.  I don’t think there’s anybody I’ve talked more smack about than this guy.  I said the only way this guy ever gets in to the UFC is through The Ultimate Fighter and here he is, I gotta respect that, I don”t know how he’s gonna do.  I tell you what, today (Tuesday) was the first day of shooting, we shot episode one today and he walked in the gym, let me tell you what he’s pretty serious.  He wasn’t messing around, he wasn’t joking, he wasn’t laughing.”

On what Kimbo’s getting out of being on The Ultimate Fighter:

“A lot of people were offering him a lot of money and he wants to be legit, he wanted to come on The Ultimate Fighter.  Let me tell you, you don’t get paid to be on The Ultimate Fighter.  You come in and you fight and you try and win a contract.  You know, I gotta give the guy the respect for doing it.  You come on The Ultimate Fighter to get the contract, you don’t come on The Ultimate Fighter to get paid.  You don’t get paid on The Ultimate Fighter… And, he’s dead set about winning this thing.”

On Kimbo not liking Dana:

“I don’t think he’s a big Dana White fan either, how could you be after all the things that have gone back and forth?  So, we’re gonna find out, we’re gonna find out this season if he’s for real or not… The thing is I’ve talked a lot of stuff about Kimbo but I absolutely respect the fact that he stepped up and came on.  This is a guy who fought on CBS… And, was a big draw.”

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