Dan Henderson Was Baffled That Bon Jones Wouldn’t Take the Chael Sonnen Fight


For the last few years fight fans have been wondering who would step up and beat Jon “Bones” Jones. So far the answer has been nobody. The next person that was in line to try to stop Jones’ seven fight winning streak was Dan Henderson. Henderson was scheduled to get his title shot this weekend at UFC 151 but unfortunately Hendo tore his MCL in training and had to pull out of the fight. At 42-years-old, Henderson’s future in the sport remains cloudy and he will have to make a decision about his future coming off a significant knee injury. Dan Henderson joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego with Dave and Jeff to talk about how his knee is feeling, when the injury happened, if he was planning on fighting through the injury originally, how frustrating the injury is given how much time he spent preparing for the fight, if Dana White has told him what is next for him, when he expects to be healed and what he thinks about Jon “Bones” Jones turning down a fight with Chael Sonnen.

How his knee is feeling now:

“The knee is doing okay. It’s just a little sore but it is what it is.”

When he injured his knee:

“About two and a half weeks ago.”

If he was planning on fighting through the injury originally:

“I didn’t know how bad it was going to be and was told the MCL heals fairly quickly and the biggest thing wasn’t necessarily the pain that I had when moving certain directions but it was the instability. It was just really loose and wobbly.”

How long he prepared for this fight:

“I put in a 12 week training camp. It happened at about week nine and still did all of my cross training and even up until Wednesday night I was still training so it’s just frustrating.”

If Dana White has told him what is next when he is ready to get back into the Octagon:

“When I was out there and met with them I didn’t even ask what would happen if I didn’t fight or if I pull out of the fight what’s going to happen. I didn’t even ask him because that wasn’t a part of if I was going to fight or not. I didn’t want it to determine or sway anything as far as if I felt I could fight I was going to fight, if I couldn’t then I will wait and see what happens and that’s pretty much where we are at right now. I have no idea what will happen, who and when I will fight.”

How long he expects to be out of action:

“They have me in an immobilizer brace that I will need to be wearing for two or three weeks and try not to do anything to stress it. Then after that I can start rehab. They’re telling me I should be 100 percent within two or two and a half months.”

What it means to him to be elected into the Hall-Of-Fame:

“It’s not a bad thing to hear but it wasn’t a goal of mine to fight until I could make the Hall-Of-Fame. That has nothing to do with why I’m still fighting. At the same time it is nice to hear.”

What he thinks about Jon “Bones” Jones not wanting to take a fight with Chael Sonnen on short notice:

“I was shocked. I couldn’t understand why Jon Jones wouldn’t want to take that fight. It baffles me as to why he would knowingly not take that fight knowing the whole show would be cancelled, it just unbelievable.”

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