Damian Lillard Is Extremely Confident As the Draft Approaches


This past season there was a player at Weber State who won the MVP of his conference and was one of the leading scorers in all of college basketball at 24 points per game. His name is Damian Lillard and you may not have heard of him because he played in the Big Sky conference. However as the draft quickly approaches, it’s getting harder and harder to overlook Lillard, and come draft night, he should be the first point guard to hear his name called, more than likely as one of the first 10 selections. Damian Lillard joined KNBR in San Francisco with Larry and Gary to talk about how he ended up at Weber State of all places, whether he would like to play for his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors, who he thinks his game resembles in the NBA, if he thinks he is the best point guard in the draft, who he has winning the NBA Finals and if he understands why so many people seem to dislike LeBron James.

How he ended up at Weber State:

“It was just one of those things where I built a relationship with the coaching staff at Weber State and I thought it would be the best place for me just based off the things they value.”

Whether he would like to play for his hometown team in Golden State:

“I would like to. I grew up a Warriors fan obviously growing up in Oakland and I think I fit in just with the fast pace.”

What player he thinks his game is similar to in the NBA:

“I think I’m similar to Steph Curry. I score, I’m a point guard, I make the right plays and I think I’m just a little bit better of an athlete.”

Whether he thinks he is the best point guard in the draft:

“I believe I am. I think I can bring everything to the table that any other point guard in the draft can bring and I think I’m the best scoring point guard.”

What team he thinks will win the NBA Championship:

“I have Miami. I had them last year. I just want to see LeBron get one.”

If he understands why LeBron James seems to be so disliked:

“I don’t. I don’t think they understand the type of person he is maybe. They take everything he does to be cocky I guess but I don’t think that should take away from the type of player he is on the floor. It’s not his job to please anybody by being the type of person that everyone else wants him to be. They should have respect for the player he is and what he does for his team.”

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