Custom-made sports uniforms – What you should consider before buying?

Sports uniforms should be comfortable. You certainly have to consider one that is all-season type. It should soak up maximum moisture from the body. It should also be a quick-dry type. You can never settle for cheaper options.

The uniform that you select should be of good quality. You can search for the best sports apparel online as well. Top sports uniform manufacturers make quality uniforms.

You should never forget that the team will be representing you in the public. So, custom-made sports uniforms are always the best choice.

Material choice

As far as material is concerned, the uniform should always look stylish. Jersey-type uniforms are the best. You have unlimited options ranging from polyester to nylon, cotton pro-mesh and jacquard. You need to keep in mind that the uniform selection will always have a great impact on the sportsperson as well.

Custom-made uniforms will always be the right fit. This will affect the overall performance of the sportsperson. The material should wick away the sweat instantly. It should also be a quick dry type and resistant to stains.


Personalization is important when it comes to sports uniforms. You may want to print the company logo on the shirts. You may want the player’s name on the jersey. The number also has to be printed. There are many different ways to personalize the sports uniform.

The material that you select should be easy to personalize. Not all types of materials are the right choice. Some may not be easy to personalize. Select a material that will accept screen printing ink.


Right colour selection is also important. The colour will be the true identity of the team on the ground. If you are selecting a uniform for the football team, colour always makes a big difference. It can motivate the player.

If players are not comfortable with the colour combination then they may not play well. Some colours may also offer the magical touch of good or bad luck for the player. If it is not your lucky colour, then your performance is affected.

Always ensure that you make a selection of colours that are unique combinations. Some colours may look good when combined with other colours.

Logo print

The logo will always be printed on top of the sports uniforms. These can be your best icons. It helps identify the team members. You may never want to select a uniform that may not be easy to print. The logo should be visible as well.

In general, fans will only identify the team once they identify the logo. So the logo has to be printed right at the back where it is visible.

The colour of the uniform and the logo should never be the same. Always select printing the logo on the white base.

Size factor

Size is important when it comes to selecting sports uniforms. The players should feel comfortable when wearing it. Custom-made uniforms can be made in any size. You just have to ensure that you select the right measurements.

The uniform should not be loose or tight. It should also be made up of stretchable material. along with the uniform, you may also have to select a quality hat. This is important if the team is going to spend more time outdoors.


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