Cullen Jenkins: “Dream Team” Label Made it Harder on the Eagles


Cullen Jenkins has jumped ship in the NFC East from the Philadelphia Eagles to the New York Giants. With Chris Canty gone, Jenkins will be expected to play a major role in New York’s defensive front, which became world famous a year ago when the Giants won the Super Bowl with their pass rush leading the way. Cullen Jenkins joined Joe and Evan on WFAN in New York to discuss his decision to join the Giants, the Eagles’ problems in 2012, the stress that came from playing for the “Dream Team,” and staying in the NFC East.

On deciding to join the Giants:

“I went to five different teams and talked to a couple more and it’s some place that had such a rich tradition. You’ve got a good defense, especially defensive front. I’m familiar with the defensive line coach, great quarterback. Just a rich history here. And it didn’t hurt, too, that it’s just right up the street from where we are now. I think it was just a overall better fit for us.”

On what went wrong with the Eagles in:

“We just didn’t come together like we were supposed to. Anytime you bring in especially high-priced free agents like we did — you see a lot of that going on now with free agency — guys are gonna be expected to produce and win, and winning is the most important thing, and unfortunately we weren’t able to do that. And any time you’re not able to win, that’s gonna be how you’re remembered. And for us, we weren’t able to win so it’s gonna be remembered as an epic fail.”

On if the “Dream Team” moniker became annoying:

“It definitely didn’t help. Any time you put a label on yourself like that, you’re gonna have teams sitting there waiting to pick you off. And everybody’s gonna circle you, mark you on the calendar. And it definitely brought a lot of unnecessary attention and we got the best games from everybody. And everybody couldn’t wait to knock us down, beat us, and prove to us that we weren’t as good as we thought we were.”

On staying in the division:

“It helps a lot with being with the Giants and what they had to offer because I’ve played against them two times each of the last two years.”

On who he’s most looking forward to playing with in New York:

“Probably Tuck right now. Tuck and Chris Snee. Me and Snee had a lot of battles throughout the time, and it’s gonna be nice … to only have to deal with those battles in practice and not on a game basis.”

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