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Cris Carter: Randy Moss is Not the Greatest Receiver of All-Time, But the Greatest Deep Threat

Randy Moss sure made his presence felt in New Orleans before Super Bowl XLVII. During Wednesday’s Super Bowl media session Moss explained his media day declaration that he’s the greatest receiver of all-time.Cris Carter mentored a young Moss during his time in Minnesota from  Here’s Carter’s take on where Moss stands in the debate for greatest wide receiver of all-time.Cris Carter joined 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore with Vinny & Rob to discuss the Baltimore Ravens’ defense worrying about matching up with Randy Moss, Moss not being as effective for yards after the catch and Moss believing he is the best wide receiver of all-time.

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If I am the defensive coordinator do I have to worry that much about Randy Moss?

“No. No. No. No. I wouldn’t.”

Randy Moss can’t run like he used to, right? He’s got 74 yards after the catch this year. He’s not going anywhere, right?

“No, absolutely not. Shoot, I mean, he could run in the low post. No he is not going to do that. But with all the smoke and mirrors, as soon as you take your eye off him they play-action fake it and then throw a skinny post to him. He is on the football field and because you have to have so many guys in the box, I believe he is more effective than the numbers indicate.”

Your thoughts on Moss’ comments yesterday that he is the greatest receiver of all-time?

“Well, I wish he would have said, ‘I am the greatest deep threat,’ because when you break down wide receivers you gotta break down what they do in categories. A guys asked me today, ‘Cris do you think you are the greatest wide receiver?’ I said, ‘No I don’t.’ There are aspects of my game that I thought might have been one of the best ever. The only thing I could really say without a doubt for me is I haven’t seen anyone catch the ball better than me. Now, I wouldn’t put up no debate for the greatest because it really wouldn’t be worth the greatest. Like if Randy Moss really wanted to say something like I thought he should have said, ‘I am the greatest deep threat,’ or, ‘I strike the most fear than any receiver that has ever played football,’ or something like that.”

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