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Colts Owner Jim Irsay On Releasing Marvin Harrison

Colts Owner Jim Irsay On Releasing Marvin Harrison

The Indianapolis Colts have decided to part ways with likely future Hall of Fame WR Marvin Harrison. The 36 year old WR wasn’t interested in taking a pay cut and because the Colts are in a bit of salary cap hell in , the team decided they might be better served cutting costs and letting the veteran walk. Listen to Colts owner Jim Irsay The Fan in Indianapolis reminisce about the Marvin Harrison regime and what he meant to the city.

Indianapolis and the Colts organization:

“You know this day’s going to come sometime, but you really wish that it could not come at all. That there could be a time machine and someone as great as Marvin who’s done so much for our franchise and our city and state..you just wish he could be with us forever. But as it goes with the salary cap, it’s awfully hard these days for retirement to coincide and poetically go out with the same team at the same time. And I know we had a great conversation today, but he does want to try to play another year or so.”

On what his work ethic meant to the development of Reggie Wayne:

“When he came in, he saw Marvin practice. I mean that’s the thing about greatness you don’t see. You know, you never see Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods and see how hard they work in practice and Marvin’s the same way..you know Reggie looked at Marvin when he came in and said ‘oh so that’s an All Pro receiver, that’s how a great one prepares, that’s what you do.”

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