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Brent Musburger’s Comments During National Championship Game Give Jenn Sterger Flashbacks

If there was anyone in the world who knew what Katherine Webb was going through Monday night and on into the week, it was Jenn Sterger. Musburger made waves by drooling over Webb, the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, during the BCS Championship Game. Sterger found herself in a similar spot, becoming an overnight sensation when Musburger commented on the scantily-clad Florida State fan during a game with Miami in 2005. Jenn Sterger joined 98.7 The Fan in Tampa with Booger and Rich to discuss Monday night’s national championship game, getting flashbacks when Brent Musburger was drooling over Katherine Webb, what it’s like to become an overnight sensation, meeting Musburger since then and if she has any advice for the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.

Were you watching the national championship game on Monday night?:

“I mean, if you can call that a national championship game, but yeah, I was watching football.”

Like many others, when Brent Musburger was talking about AJ McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, did it give you flashbacks to when you were at Florida State?:

“You had flashbacks, I had PTSD, but yeah, I had the same exact thoughts, like, ‘Oh God, here it goes again.’ And it was funny because I was on Facebook and it wasn’t nearly as fast and as instantaneous as it was for AJ’s girlfriend — it wasn’t nearly that fast for me — but I definitely had flashbacks.”

What’s it like when you’re just trying to go to a game and then you become an instant sensation, where everyone probably since your grade school days was calling you?:

“That’s exactly what happened. I was getting texts back home from random friends saying, ‘I think we just saw you on television. Why don’t you have any clothes on?’ That’s definitely how it just kind of snowballs around you. Of course, for me, it was a little different because I had message boards blowing up the next day and I had to go on and defend myself, because people actually thought I was a stripper that didn’t go to Florida State.”

Did you get contacted by a lot of outlets, like Playboy? Or what’s the strangest thing that came from that situation?:

“Hosting a sports show based on all of that. I don’t know. My whole journey’s been kind of surreal. I started doing the modeling thing, obviously, because that was the easiest to get into. From modeling I went to Sports Illustrated and from Sports Illustrated I kind of went to television. It just kind of snowballed from there. Now I’m out in L.A. and I’m in the NFL witness protection program out here, so no one knows who the hell I am and it’s kind of nice.”

Did you ever meet Musburger after that?:

“I’ve met him twice, actually. One time it was in passing at an Oregon basketball game and he was really, really sweet and kind and knew exactly who I was. I just kind of thanked him and we shared a laugh over it. The other time was in an elevator and he was quite inebriated at the Indy 500. So it’s been different experiences both times. I was like, ‘Oh, creepy old men have a thing for me, I guess.’”

On the reaction from around the country:

“That was, of course, right when Facebook was getting started and MySpace was really big. … I was getting emails from people I didn’t know and family members I didn’t know existed and they were all saying they know me. It was just really weird.”

Do you have any advice for Webb?:

“You know, I think everyone’s journey’s different. When I got started, everyone said I was the next Pamela Anderson. I’m sure it’s much to people’s dismay, but I’m not out in California working on porn, so I’m definitely not the next Pamela Anderson.”

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