Clippers Win The Lottery And Basketball Fans Mourn For Blake Griffin

Clippers Win The Lottery And Basketball Fans Mourn For Blake Griffin

It’s pretty tough to feel bad for a guy that’s going to make millions of dollars guaranteed and be selected number one overall in the 2009 NBA Draft, but visions of Blake Griffin in a Clippers uniform make me sick to my stomach.  With the Arizona Cardinals making the Super Bowl this year, the Clippers are now officially the worst organization in the history of sports.  And trust me, there are plenty of players that never fully reach their potential due to the situation and team that drafts them.

Looking at all 14 teams in the lottery, the Clippers were arguably the worst situation for Griffin to develop.  They already have Zach Randolph and his untradeable contract (unless you’re a terrible GM like Isiah Thomas or Mike Dunleavy), Chris Kaman, and Marcus Camby in the frontcourt.  Memphis or Oklahoma City were perfect options for him, but I can’t imagine a situation where the Clips don’t draft Griffin. For his sake, I hope they trade the pick.  One other note:  it was so weird not to see Elgin Baylor up there for the Clippers.Last night Jay Bilas made a great comparison by saying Blake Griffin can be like Karl Malone if Griffin reaches his potential.  I definitely see similarities in his game.  While his play on the court isn’t boring, his interviews tend to be.  But the lottery was just announced, so we have to put Blake Griffin here on SRI.  Griffin joined Dan Patrick to talk about the NBA Draft and tried to extract anything remotely interesting from Griffin.  Not even sure if Ethan Hunt could accomplish that mission.

Reaction to the Clippers getting the number one pick:

“I’m just excited in general.  I think LA should work out well for me.  Good players and a great coach.  I’m just excited about getting the opportunity if they want me.”

How would you feel if you’re not the number one overall pick?

“All along I said I didn’t come back just to become the number one pick.  It’s obviously great, but going number one, number two, or number three in my mind doesn’t make me a better player just by going number one.”

Do the Clippers have 30 wins next year?

“Yes sir, they do.”

’re guaranteeing 30 wins?

“Yes sir, I’m going to guarantee 30 wins.  I mean if I’m there.  If they want me to come there and I’m a part of that program, I think next year will be a good year for them.”

Listen to Blake Griffin on the Dan Patrick Show

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