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Cliff Avril Was Impressed With Seahawks Last Year And That Led Him To Pick Seattle In Free Agency


Bruce Irvin. Chris Clemons. Michael Bennett. These are just some of the names on the Seattle Seahawks stacked defensive line. You can add Cliff Avril to that list as well. The former Detroit Lion finalized a two-year, $15 million deal to play in Seattle. Avril believes the Seahawks have a young and exciting team. He’s also looking forward to playing some linebacker this season. Cliff Avril joined KJR in Seattle with Dave “Softy” Mahler to discuss free agent Michael Bennett joining him in Seattle, the reason behind signing with the Seahawks, the other teams interested in him during free agency, Seattle becoming a popular destination for free agents and possibly playing some linebacker for the Seahawks.

Have you heard the news that you may have a new teammate in Michael Bennett coming to Seattle?

“I just heard it as a matter of fact. Yes. I’m excited to have him also.”

Tell me about why decided to come to Seattle?

“We played these guys last year and I saw the kind of team they had. I got to pick whatever team I would be able to go to and I liked what I had seen on the field. A lot of young guys that loved the game and smart guys that understood the game and they were professional at such a young age. And also the 12th man. All that played a big factor in me wanting to come out here.”

What other teams were you talking to outside of Seattle?

“There were a few other teams, but at the end of the day Seattle is all that matters right now, but there was a few other teams and like I said Seattle just caught my eye with all these other positive aspects of the team and they’re a winning team, so it gives me a chance to go out and have fun.”

Are free agents starting to look at Seattle as a popular destination?

“Well, other than it being extremely far from everything else the city is amazing. I like what I see. It’s nothing like it’s portrayed to the rest of the country as far as just raining all the time and all that good stuff, but the city is awesome and the team is awesome as far as the direction it’s headed in. I can definitely see why players want to come out here.”

Pete Carroll talked about you playing some linebacker. How much linebacker have you played?

“I was a linebacker at Purdue. I was a linebacker my first two and half years there at Purdue and then I was back and fourth one year at Purdue. Then I was a full-time defensive end, so I feel like I am kind of an athlete and I can fill in if we need linebackers. I feel like I can do it, but I’m mainly a pass rusher. We’ll definitely with the coach figure things out, but I can do both if need be.”

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