Chris Bosh On The 2 1/2 Stars Joke: “i’m Not Going To Lie It Gets Under My Skin A Little Bit”


Chris Bosh may be having the last laugh on all the critics that bashed the former Toronto All-Star for choosing to team up with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade during free agency last summer. Carlos Boozer decided to take his own dig at Bosh when he claimed the Heat had ‘two great players‘ at the outset of the Eastern Conference Finals last week. It’s difficult to believe that Bosh has been such a different player due solely to the Boozer comments, but he has risen to the occasion in the big spot. Bosh made 13 of his final 15 shots in Miami’s Game 3 win over Chicago Sunday nigh, finishing with 34 points in the Heat’s decisive victory. Chicago now enters Game 4 a bit rattled and with a sense of urgency to reclaim the form they had in the series opener. The Bulls dominated the Heat in the regular season defensively, but haven’t the same success against Miami’s “Big Three” so far this series. On a night when James and Wade were relatively quiet, Bosh led the way and reminded his critics that it was more than just a two-man show in Miami.  Bosh has remained humble throughout the ups and downs, focusing instead on the fact that each win just brings his team closer to the ultimate goal of winning an NBA Championship. Chris Bosh joined WQAM in Miami with Sid Rosenberg to discuss his stellar Game 3 performance against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday night, how it’s true that Carlos Boozer pissed him off with his comments prior to the series, being bothered when the media claims he is not a superstar on this Miami Heat team, driving Derrick Rose crazy defensively and the Heat’s confidence level going into Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.


That was a great performance in game three. What are your thoughts?

“Thank you I appreciate it. I think individually it’s always good to have a good game, but I’m just happy that we won. The only important thing is wins and losses right now. We’re still trying to compete for championships, so we’re one game closer to that goal.”

Carlos Boozer really pissed you off didn’t he?

“He didn’t piss me off. It wasn’t like I was just thinking of that quote the whole time. It didn’t do much for me. It did motivate me at times, but it wasn’t the main source. I get inspiration from everywhere and that wasn’t the main thing.”

So it doesn’t bother you when people claim that Miami has two and half stars and not three? That doesn’t bother you?

“I’m not going to lie it gets under my skin a little bit. I always say okay I never asked to be the “Big Three,” and it’s like okay a joke is a joke. Come on I am trying my best? The fact that it was hard. It made it hard to not get offended. It’s like I’m working over here. All I wanted to do was win and that was early. Now you just don’t care.”

I’m not sure what you guys are doing, but you are driving Derrick Rose crazy?

“Well I mean we are just trying to stay consistent with our coverages and just watching him. He’s MVP. I was joking around with people earlier saying he deserves attention because he’s such a great basketball player, so we’re just being aware of where he is on the court at all times.”

So what is your confidence level going into game four?

“It’s really all just about the mind frame. You have to be confident because we know how big this game is tomorrow, so we just have to make sure we have our minds in the right place, so that we use our home court to our advantage, so we come out strong. We have a strong execution and just staying consistent with defense and you know staying good with our adjustments. You know just going out there and competing for 48 minutes.”

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