Chris Bosh Knows The Grass Isn’t Always Greener


Living in Toronto, it was wild to see how fast this city turned on Chris Bosh.  TO loved the man after the ’07-’08 season – he was the funny guy with the endearing personality, he was the big man with the most promising future outside Dwight Howard, he outperformed D12 in Beijing – and then he was a traitor.  He started off this season hot (even entering the MVP talk), but when things went downhill for the team, fans seemed to agree that CB4 quit on them.  Before February’s trade deadline, many followers were giving the thumbs up when the big man was mentioned in possible deals.  This city just didn’t feel the need to stick by him for some reason.  Whatever you think of Bosh in terms of him being a franchise player, it’s highly unlikely Toronto would receive anything close to equal value for him, and he still hasn’t made up his mind as to whether or not he’ll re-sign in 2010.  Chris is not a dumb man – he’s seen other free agents move on only to suffer in their new environments.  He knows he can earn extra money in Toronto he can’t earn anywhere else (unless it’s a sign-and-trade).  If this season goes awry in the great white north?  Maybe, yes, he’s bouncing… But, not yet.  Chris Bosh joined The Thundering Herd on ESPN Radio to discuss whether or not he’s set on leaving Toronto, the possibility of playing with a player like LeBron James, and whether or not he’s the guy who keeps things light-hearted in the locker room.

Are you thinking about leaving in Toronto in the summer of 2010?

“Honestly, it’s been so much talk about it, it just makes me focus on right now ’cause I don’t know what’s gonna happen.  Right now, I’m happy in Toronto.  It’s kinda funny ’cause I get it from both ends right, any city I got to it’s like, ‘Man, you need to come and play here.’  And, then in Toronto, it’s like, ‘We need you to stay.’  So, it’s kind of like a double negative for me wherever I go.  I just try to stay calm, I can’t predict the future.”

What about the prospect about playing with another great player like LeBron James?

“Anytime you get a chance to play with a great player, it’s pretty sweet.  You know, most of the times it’s like, ‘What if… What if… What if… I wish I could play with this guy, I wish I could play with that guy…’  Very seldom, it’s the reality.  That’s something we talked about with USA and that’s something LeBron said himself, he’s like, ‘I always wish I could play with Dwight Howard.  I always wish Chris Paul was my point guard.’  That’s kinda something guys always wish for.”

You’ve been known as the funny guy, are you the keep the locker room loose guy?

“Not really, I’m the quiet dude.  I’m breaking out of my shell slowly but surely since I got in the league.  That’s really who I am – I like to laugh when I’m around my family and close friends – that’s part of what I do.  I always like to keep the mood light, I like to laugh, and I wanted to show that because a lot of people don’t really know that at all.”

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