Charles Barkley on Glen Rice-Sarah Palin Rumors: “When I read that… Glen Rice is my new hero!”

There is no one more explosive on sports talk radio than Charles Barkley. Sir Charles lived up to that reputation in the following interview with ESPN Radio Chicago. No matter how you may look at the recent rumors about Glen Rice and Sarah Palin that have been a fixture of the  news wire recently, it’s hard not to be amused by Barkley’s opinion on the matter. It’s clearly evident that Barkley has a crush on Palin and he admits to it. Another great take from Barkley came when he gives his thoughts on the Chad Ochocinco issue with the New England Patriots, which I totally agree with the former 11-time NBA All-Star. He believes that former Patriots players overreacted and need to chill a little bit. I’m lead to believe most knowledgeable NFL fans have respect for the New England Patriots organization for their consistency over the last decade or so, regardless of hatred or jealousy. Chad Ochocinco is being piled on for a harmless tweet. Let the man play a few games for god sake before ripping him.

Charles Barkley joined ESPN Radio Chicago with Waddle and Silvy to discuss his thoughts on the current progress of the NBA lockout, Michael Jordan and the fine he received from the NBA for commenting on the lockout, the Glen Rice and Sarah Palin rumors, Brian Urlacher going back to work early after losing his mother this week and feeling sympathy for Chad Ochocinco after former Patriots players have ripped into him for tweeting about being in awe of Tom Brady’s 517 yard passing performance against the Miami Dolphins.

When is the NBA lockout going to end Charles?

“Well I already told you I don’t think the season is going to start on time. To be honest with you I’d be surprised if they play at all. I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Let me rephrase that.”

His thoughts on Michael Jordan:

Michael, I think one of the reasons why he’s been mad since junior high, is because he hasn’t had dogs in his life.  You know if you make Michael mad, he never forgets it.  I think if he had some dogs, I think that would calm him down.  I’m telling you! He remembers everything anybody ever did or said about him in his life, and I think if he had some dogs, that would take some of the venom away.

What do you think of the NBA fining Michael Jordan for his comments on the lockout in Australia?

“Well, it’s a drop in the bucket for sure.  But, I don’t like all those rules about on not talking about the lockout.  I mean what else are you going to talking about? There is nothing else happening.  There is no summer league and training camp starts in less than three weeks.  The notion that somebody is not going to ask you about the lockout is silly.  I think everybody should be talking about it, so we can get this thing done.  It was great year for the NBA and a great year for Chicago.  Derrick Rose proved he was one of the best players in the world, and my boy Joakim Noah played fantastic, and Tom Thibodeau did a great job coaching. There’s a lot of excitement that happened in the NBA last year. They’re going to have to make a decision by next week. Training camp I think starts in 19 days or less then 19 days from now.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they announce by the end of this week that training camp is not going to start on time.”

We never thought we would be talking about Glen Rice again unless it had to do with basketball. Did you hear about the Sarah Palin story? What are your thoughts on Glen Rice and Sarah Palin?

“You know I have a thing for Sarah Palin, I do.  I think she’s hot!  I wouldn’t vote for her, but she is hot now. I’m talking both.  I’ve always said, ‘I’ve got a crush on Sarah Palin.’  I would never vote for her.  I always vote democratic because I think you have a better chance of helping poor people if you vote democratic.  But, I’ve always had a thing for Sarah Palin.  When I read that… Glen Rice is my new hero!  He’s my new hero. You know she just moved in my neighborhood and I haven’t had a chance to meet her.  I stay in Philadelphia in the summer, and I go back to Arizona when it starts getting cold. That cold is creeping up on me. I’m talking 50 or 60 degrees. So, I’m heading back to Arizona soon and I look forward to meeting Sarah Palin.  Hey listen if that story is true, more power to Glen Rice.”

Brian Urlacher just lost his mother. As an athlete is it better to go to work first after the loss of a family member?

“Well you know, number one first, I know Brian a little bit.  I want to give him best and my thoughts and prayers.  I saw him last year at the NFC championship game and his brother, and I wish him the best.  Personally, I think you have to get back to what you do, because all you’re going to do is honestly be depressed.  You’re just going to be depressed.  This is just my opinion, I can’t tell anyone else what to do, but I think you have to get back to some sense of normalcy as soon as possible because realistically all you do is you just sad. I personally think it’s best to get back at as early as possible, but that’s just me.”

The other thing going on is the Chad Ochocinco issue?

“Hey man let me just tell you something, I don’t know Chad Ochocinco, but I know T.O. real well, and I sent T.O. a text this morning and told him to tell Chad to let all this stuff go. I don’t understand why all these guys went off on him over something that simple.  Sometimes guys do stuff.  Chad does annoying stuff sometimes, but you got to take up for Chad on this one.  I don’t understand why all of those guys really, really overreacted.  Ted Bruschi, I got respect for, then Rodney Harrison, then Damien Woody.  I’m like, ‘dude, just chill out a little bit.’  That was overkill to the highest level after one game.”

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