Chandler Jones Still Expects To Be A Third Round Pick In The Nfl Draft Despite The Latest Draft Buzz

Chandler Jones Still Expects to Be a Third Round Pick in the NFL Draft Despite the Latest Draft Buzz

It’s a good time to be from the Jones family. By the end of this weekend, it will be three members of the family that will all be professional athletes and two of them will be playing in the NFL. Arthur Jones is already in the NFL playing defense for the Baltimore Ravens and of course Jon “Bones” Jones might be the pound-for-pound best fighter in the UFC. Then there’s little brother Chandler, who is hoping to hear his name called early in the NFL Draft’s weekend. While Jones didn’t put up huge numbers while at Syracuse and he hasn’t been receiving the headlines of some of the other players in the draft, if you read the reports on the internet and listen to all the experts, Jones is the perceived riser this time of year and won’t have to wait too long to hear his name called.Once thought of as a borderline first round pick or maybe even an early second rounder, Jones has now been dubbed by both Michael Lombardi and Mike Mayock of the NFL Network as the best pass rusher in the draft.

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Chandler Jones joined WNST in Baltimore with Thyrl Nelson to talk about which brother helped him the most in his pre-draft preparation, what the process has been like for him, what game fans should look at if they want to know what his game is all about, whether he feels he is flying under the radar, what he thinks the biggest adjustment will be for him from college to the pros, and what he is expecting on draft night.

Which brother helped him the most in his pre-draft preparation:

“I would say it was equal. My brother that’s a fighter, he has helped me as far as my hand speed and all those physical aspects of the game of football. Arthur has helped me more mentally because he’s been through the whole draft process and he’s telling me what to expect as I make this transition to the next level. The level of help is equal and it’s pretty much balanced out but I’m enjoying the whole process.”

What the process has been like for him:

“The process has been great. A lot of prospects I talk to tell me they’re tired, they’re annoyed and they just want to get it over with and get picked but as far as me, I’m enjoying this and you only go through it one time and I’m having a blast.”

The game that bets shows what he is capable of:

“I feel like I’m a pass-rusher and if you guys would’ve watched the West Virginia game a lot of my pass-rushing skills did come out. I wouldn’t say I’m a one-dimensional player. I’m not just that because I have to stop the run as well.”

Whether he feels like he has been flying under the radar:

“Yeah. I feel like I’m under the radar. I’m not the type of person that will say I’m not going to look at the mock drafts or not listening to what the announcers are saying but some people tweet me links and they have me as a popular player right now so that’s pretty nice to look at it.”

On the biggest adjustment from college to the pros:

“The biggest thing is changing my moves. I know that some of the moves I used in college are not going to work in the NFL. I’m going to have to adapt to playing at this new level and this new style of play.”

On his expectations for tonight and where he may be picked:

“Definitely, definitely. Right now they say I’m ranked and can go as high as the middle of the first round but I don’t feed into that at all. I’m still expecting third round so if I do go higher everything will be a surprise.”

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