Celtic Green Is Definitely Jeff’s Favorite Color

Right before the NBA Trade Deadline, the Boston Celtics made a trade that sent shockwaves through the NBA and surprised everyone around the league. The Celtics traded away Kendrick Perkins, one of the best, young defensive centers in the NBA for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic. While Green brings a lot of versatility to the roster and would be more of a long-term answer in Boston than Perk, this move doesn’t make the Celtics better this year. Unless the Celtics weren’t worried about having to face big teams like the Magic and the Lakers in the playoffs.

That said, shaking up a team that had never lost a playoff series together with all the pieces healthy and a team that is clearly the team to beat in the Eastern Conference really doesn’t make much sense to me. Jeff Green joined WEEI in Boston with Caron and Buckleyto talk about how surprised he was that he was traded to Boston, what changes for him now that he has gone from Oklahoma City to Boston, what he expects his role to be in Boston, and how much different it is to be a teammate of Kevin Garnett as opposed to playing against him.

How surprised he was by the trade:

“Very. We were with the organization for a long period of time with the Thunder so it’s a shock. It’s something that happens in the business and you just move forward and do your best to help your new team out.”

If he feels the goals are different going from the Thunder to the Celtics:

“It’s no different. The ultimate goal is winning. Your quest is a championship and the only thing that has changed is we’re fighting for a championship instead of fighting for a playoff spot. It’s a different attitude and I’m more excited than ever.”

Whether or not he thinks his role will expand or be different in Boston:

“I think a little bit. I think they ask a little more of me here, be a little more assertive. Its still basketball and I play a position where I can do a lot of things on the floor. I think Doc just wants me to go out there and play basketball.”

How much different it is now to play with Kevin Garnett as opposed to against him:

“We were on the opposing team, you hate the way KG plays, but when you’re on his team you love it. His intensity is off the charts. Just being  a part of it and seeing it firsthand, it’s a totally different look. Hes so intense and he expects that out of his teammates. I think that’s one thing that has rubbed off on me since Ive been here. Just having the defensive effort and extra effort to get stops on defense.”

Whether or not he feels good about the fact that he is part of the Celtics future:

“Definitely. Most definitely. Whenever you get brought to a situation like that, you’re just going to have to enjoy it. When you say they’re aging there are only really three guys who are aging, that’s KG, Ray, and Paul. You’ve got Rondo who is still young, myself, and Big Baby, so there’s still a good group on this team. Paul said it last night, hes starting to feel young again so it’s a good group, we still have a great chance for the next couple of years to win a championship.”+

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